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ABS extrusion molding process

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 02, 2018

Abs extrusion molding process

   ABS full name acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, has excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, excellent low temperature impact resistance. Dimensional stability. Electrical properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeability, finished product processing and mechanical processing are better. ABS has the common properties of three components. A makes it chemically resistant, heat resistant, and has a certain surface hardness. B gives it high elasticity and toughness. S gives it processing characteristics of thermoplastics and improves electrical properties. . Therefore, ABS plastic is a "tough, hard, rigid" material that is easily available, has comprehensive properties, is inexpensive, and is widely used. ABS plastics have been widely used in manufacturing industries such as machinery, electrics, textiles, automobiles, aircrafts, ships, and chemical industries. Molding process: Plastic ABS can also be modified by polystyrene. It has higher impact strength and better mechanical strength than HIPS. It has good processing performance. It can use plastic molding equipment such as injection molding machine and extruder. Injection, extrusion, blow molding


Calendering, laminating, foaming, thermoforming, welding, coating, electroplating and machining.

ABS water absorption is relatively high, need to be dried before processing, drying temperature is 70 ~ 85 °C, drying time is 2 ~ 6h; ABS products are easy to produce internal stress in the processing, such as stress is too large, resulting in product cracking, should be carried out Annealing, the parts placed in 70 ~ 80 °C hot air circulation drying oven 2 ~ 4h, and then cooled to room temperature. Extrusion process: Extrusion. Plastic ABS produces pipes, plates, sheets, profiles and other products. Pipes can be used for pipes of various water pipes, air pipes, lubricating oils and fuel oils; plates and sheets can be used for flooring, furniture, tanks, filters, and walls. Interlayer and thermoforming or vacuum forming. Extruder screw length to diameter ratio is usually high, L / D between 18 to 22, the compression ratio (2.5 ~ 3.0): 1, it is appropriate to use a gradient torpedo head screw, barrel temperature are: hopper Department 150 ~ 160 °C, the barrel front 180 ~ 190 °C, die temperature 185 ~ 195 °C, mold temperature 180 ~ 200 °C, followed by blow molding temperature can be controlled between 140 ~ 180 °C.

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