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Application and maintenance of extrusion die for aluminum alloy profile

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

(1) Use of advanced instrumentation on-line and off-line detection of mold size accuracy, hardness and surface roughness. Inspection and acceptance of qualified molds for registration, People's library shelves, when used to lead the polishing die-hole work belt, and the diversion mold, profile mold, mold pad for assembly inspection, confirm the correct when sent to the machine station heating;

(2) Die on the machine before the heating temperature requirements: Extrusion Tube: 400, extruded pad: 350 Shan, mold pad: 350, Flat mode: 450, shunt mode: 460, thermal insulation time according to the thickness of the mold (L. 5-2 minutes/);

(3) The mold in the furnace heating time does not allow more than 10 hours, the time is too long, the mold hole work with easy corrosion or deformation;

(4) in the aluminum alloy profile extrusion start stage, need to add pressure slowly, because the impact force is likely to cause blocking. If the blocking die, the need for immediate downtime, to prevent the pressure die hole work belt;

(5) After the mold unloading machine, to be cold to 150 and then put people alkaline trough cooking, because the mold at high temperature alkaline boiling, easy to be heat shock cracking. And the advanced etching method should be used to recover and save lye, shorten corrosion time and realize pollution-free cleaning.

(6) The mold-fixing workers in the shunt-mode assembly, the application of the copper rod lightly hit, do not allow the use of large hammers, to avoid excessive force, the earthquake rotten mold;

(7) before the die nitriding, the mould hole should be carefully polished to the surface roughness Ra0.8.4;

(8) Die before nitriding requirements clean, do not allow oily oil into the furnace; nitriding process to be reasonable (according to equipment characteristics and mold materials), after nitriding surface hardness of Hv900, nitrided layer too thick, excellent will cause nitriding layer. A set of molds generally allow nitriding $number times; The complex high-profile die is not nitriding process;

(9) The old products of the new mold, rod mold, round mold can not be tested directly nitriding process, new products and complex profile mold must pass through the test mold before nitriding;

(10) After the new model test is qualified, squeeze up to 10 ingots on the discharge machine for nitriding, to avoid the work belt out of the groove, two nitriding between the production, the general flat mold for the hazelnut ingots, shunt die for $number a spindle is appropriate, too much will be the nitride layer pull through.

(11) After the use of the mold polishing, oil-coated human storage.