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Flexible Milling System: A New Approach to Model Processing

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 29, 2018

   With the advantages of low cost, high precision, high production efficiency, environmental protection and low energy consumption, lost foam casting technology becomes the main tool for mold casting. Foundry industry both at home and abroad is called "the casting technology of the 21st century" and "the green revolution of the foundry industry". use

Foam plastic material production lost foam mold is an important part of automobile mold blank casting. The current widely used modeling method is to use CAM programming and CNC machining center milling. Milling foam plastics with advanced 5-axis machining centers is precisely the least economical and environmentally friendly technology: equipment is expensive and inefficient. Foam debris and dust generated during processing seriously affect equipment life and human health. The ROMOCUT milling robot system (Figure 1) developed by Hexagon perfectly solves this problem. ROMOCUT is a device specially designed for the lost foam machining. It consists of a robot and a special milling head. The features of this milling head are high-efficiency hollow milling cutter and connected vacuum chip removal system. It can clean foam debris and dust in real time. It truly achieves dust-free air, no debris on the ground, clean body, good working environment, and environmental protection. health. ROMOCUT does not require a foundation and a machine room and is a portable NC device. For large workpieces, the ROMOCUT can be machined in multiple positions and accurately repositioned after the movement of the position by an articulated arm measuring machine or laser tracker. Therefore, the ROMOCUT milling robot's machining stroke is not limited. In this way, the characteristics of machining large workpieces with small machines overcome the disadvantages of limited machining dimensions and the need for fixed locations and foundations in machining centers. ROMOCUT accepts general NC G code files, which is no different from general-purpose machining equipment programming. It can make coarse and fine machining programming as required, and ensure that the tool is always cut along the surface normal. The milling head power is 1.2kW, the spindle speed is adjustable between 2000~12000r/min, and a set of machining tools with diameter of 10~50 is equipped. Compared with ordinary machining center, it has extremely high production efficiency.

The system can be used for such as poly

Styrene (foam), sludge and

Milling of molds and molding materials such as PU resin. The ROMOCUT's cost is far lower than the 5-axis machining center. After the actual use of the South China Steam Molding Co., Ltd., it has proved to be a kind of replacement technology, and the cost performance is extremely high.