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How does the automobile shell realize the batch production after modeling in the computer?

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

The car shell is made of sheet metal. The computer modelling design is a mathematical model of the sheet metal. By mathematical model [Metal mold cover], car CNC milling mill processing die method, pressing the mass production mold. Two main questions to answer the questions: 1 is a three-dimensional drawing curves out directly converted two-dimensional map, when the drawing processing, the drawing only the non-surface is dimensioned to see, only partially for determining the shape of the curved surface; surface machining data. three-dimensional data generated by the software program in the NC NC machining, surface machining;. 2 and a large deviation in the actual production of the drawings, part of which is produced by machining a deviation error, compared to the previous inspection and testing equipment, some key points fitter manually fix the surface Ensure that the instrument is in compliance with the test. Deviation values are given in the technical documentation. ································································································· ·Dividing line··············································· ······························· car shell production is my day job, professional car shell is called called [metal car Covers] are divided into inner and outer plates, that is, sheet metal parts that are not visible on the car surface and inside. The cars we see are like this

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Now we must look inside the car. She is like this...


These metal parts are made in various shapes and are spliced together to form the "white body" of the entire vehicle. The body-in-white is a structure that is produced according to the coordination between the car designer and the engineer to meet various technical performances of the vehicle. Originally wanted to find the mini frame, did not find so many different shapes of parts, how is processed out, ah, I used to think, ah, this surface is so complicated, this will not be a CNC, right? Not CNC. It's a piece of stuff called a stamping die. To put it simply, put a thin plate in two solid pieces of metal, one called a die and one called a punch. If you do not move below, you can press one up and down, and when it is fast, the frequency can be once every few seconds, and the efficiency is high. For example, a roof part with a sunroof would look like this:605c67db2e6b5d8e25b3702d8acc3af4_r.jpg

So based on this digital file, we design stamping dies. It is like this:05424c21d59363736766ab6abbebf468_r.jpg

This mold is put together up and down, you can't see the inside (confidential?), that's it. Well, the question of the title should actually be: How is the surface of the cover mold processed? Why are every part the same, so precise? The answer is answered at the beginning. Because it is a mold processing, each part is basically the same, the shape and the mold fit. The plane of the mold is generally processed (car milling and milling), and the curved surface is calculated according to the computer and the CNC milling process (CNC) is processed. According to the three-dimensional CAD graphics, this is (this is another part...):


Of course, a part is to be completed by a lot of sets of mold processing, generally including cutting, drawing, trimming, shaping, punching, fastening and other processes. Then, on the pressure bed, through the punch and die cycle and relentlessly moving, the car shell came out, Dangdang Dang, the following is the real parts with roof skylight:857d6e5137ea460ad39306894abca27b_r.jpg

After debugging, you can mass production.

Perhaps, one day, the car shell is no longer produced. At that time, look at this clumsy and exquisite craft, and it will be very happy. ^^