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How to choose metal stamping Press

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

In the blanking process, the accuracy of the workpiece is affected by the precision and other various precision from the bottom of the slider to the mold seat. The most important question: (1) The vertical degree of punch and die, which is to ensure the concentric of the upper and lower molds. (2) Elastic buffer, at the end of the blanking load into 0, because of the deformation energy of the press to insert the punch into the concave die, this kind of hammering buffer is the cause of die loss. In high-precision blanking, the deformation δ is important and should be prevented or limited to a minimum. Therefore, the press must ensure the static high precision. In particular, C-shaped frame press due to the opening deformation, easy to appear in the upper and lower die center line large tilt, parallel degree also corresponding deviation.

In deep drawing, deep drawing, thinning and drawing process, when the sheet material enters the concave die fillet, the sheet material can only be molded into the concave die, convex die rarely become a pressure die state, and its processing pressure than the lower dead center of the nominal pressure is much smaller, because the pull force is in the middle of the slider stroke to the bottom of the dead part of the period of time, so the impact of the press rigidity on the workpiece is very small. Workpiece wall thickness uneven and other shortcomings, such as the emergence of a sudden ear, mainly affected by the die structure, size and finishing degree. If the convex die also through the guide into the concave die, the pressure machine verticality is better, the workpiece precision is not affected, so the general use of B2 class press can meet the requirements.

In the bending forming process, the static precision of the press has little effect on the workpiece, but the rigidity of the press has a certain influence on the workpiece. In order to control the Springback error in the minimum range and make the upper and lower die upsetting, it is a good way to adjust the bending. However, the thickness of the sheet between the convex die and the concave die has a certain range of fluctuations, and the tensile strength and other mechanical properties are also varied, so the bending force may sometimes be the minimum pressure required several times, so that the pressure machine produces elastic deformation affect the precision of the die castings.