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How to improve the production rate of industrial aluminum profiles

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Industrial aluminum Profiles In today's situation, whether it is automobile, mechanical protection, railway demand is increasing, this naturally thought of the cost and resource utilization of dual problems, so how to improve the yield of industrial aluminum products become a top priority, to improve the productivity of a lot of measures, this article mainly on some relatively more concrete and practical two measures.

1, advanced equipment and high-quality workers are the prerequisite for increasing production
To improve the output of extrusion products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers, modern scientific management plays a vital role. In China's existing more than 2,500 industrial aluminum extrusions, the international level is only about 25, that is about 1%, China's aluminum extrusion industry is in the structural adjustment stage, should avoid low-level repeat the introduction and construction, to the existing value of the transformation of industrial aluminum extrusion machine is best to transform into a modern high-level industrial aluminum extrusion machine.

2. Relationship between temperature control and yield improvement
Typically, if there is no unscheduled downtime, the maximum output is determined by the extrusion speed, which is constrained by four factors, three of which are fixed and the other variable. The first factor is the extrusion force of industrial aluminum extrusion press, and the extrusion pressure can be squeezed smoothly when the ingot temperature is low. The second factor is the mold design, the friction between the metal and the die wall usually causes the temperature of the aluminum alloy to rise 35; The third factor is the properties of extruded alloy, which is the uncontrollable factor of limiting the extrusion speed, the outlet temperature of profile can not exceed 540 Shan, otherwise, the surface quality of the material will be decreased, the mold mark is obviously aggravated, and even the sticky aluminum, gravure, micro-cracks, Tearing and so on. The last factor is temperature and its controlled degree.