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Some common knowledge about pre-treatment of zinc alloy die castings

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Zinc Alloy Surface Treatment has a number of baking paint, electroplating, electrophoresis, sandblasting, powder spraying and other processes. The chemical properties and surface morphology and structure of zinc alloy die castings determine what the surface treatment process is, how to operate the technique, even the cleaning in the process, the air stay time has strict requirements, otherwise it will affect the quality of surface treatment.

First of all, the process of surface treatment process is very important, which is the most complex and several plating process pretreatment: blank inspection → polishing → chemical oil remover → hot water wash → cold water wash → cathode electric discharge → hot water washing → cold water washing → weak immersion → cold water → sodium citrate solution leaching wash → plating neutral nickel → recovery Wash → cleaning → plating bright nickel → recycling wash → cleaning → activation → washing → plating decorative chromium → recycling wash → wash → hot water hot wash. These processes are the equivalent of our country's five rings, interlocking, mutual cohesion, are essential links. Otherwise it will certainly affect the quality of surface treatment process!

Pre-baking process requires proper chemical conversion treatment such as phosphate treatment, degreasing using weak base, organic solvents and neutral emulsion or detergent to avoid acid or alkali degreasing. The water film test can be used to confirm whether the water is polluted after the test, and whether the water film on the surface of the specimen is even, and finally the use of water-based primer can ensure a strong paint adhesion. Guaranteed not to drop the paint.