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Various advantages and disadvantages of metal stamping parts

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Metal Stamping parts processing is the use of conventional or special stamping equipment, the power of the sheet in the mold directly affected by deformation and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of product parts production technology. Sheet, mold and equipment are the three elements of stamping processing. Stamping processing is a kind of metal cold deformation processing method. So, known as cold stamping or sheet stamping, abbreviation stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plasticity machining (or pressure machining), and also belongs to material forming engineering technology.

Stamping die is called die. Punching die is a special tool for processing material (metal or nonmetal) in batches into the required punching parts. Punching die is very important in stamping, and it is difficult to make batch stamping production without the requirement of punching die. Without advanced punching die, the advanced stamping process cannot be realized. Stamping process and die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping processing, only they can be combined to draw stampings.

Compared with other methods of machining and plastic processing, stamping processing has many unique advantages in both technical and economic aspects. The main performance is as follows.

(1) The production efficiency of stamping processing is high, and the operation is convenient, it is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is relying on stamping die and stamping equipment to complete processing, the general press the number of trips per minute can reach dozens of times, high-speed pressure to up to hundreds of times per minute or more than thousands, and each stamping trip may get a punch.

(2) Stamping as a result of the mold to ensure the size and shape of the stamping parts precision, and generally do not damage the surface quality of stamping parts, and die life is generally longer, so the quality of stamping is stable, good interchangeability, with "exactly the same" characteristics.

(3) Stamping can be processed out of a larger size range, the shape of more complex parts, such as small to watch the stopwatch, big car longitudinal beam, covering parts, etc., combined with stamping material cold deformation hardening effect, stamping strength and stiffness are higher.

(4) Stamping generally no chip scrap production, material consumption is less, and do not need other heating equipment, it is a province material, energy-saving processing methods, stamping parts cost less.

Because stamping has such advantages, stamping processing in various fields of national economy has a wide range of applications. For example, in aerospace, aviation, military, machinery, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railways, posts and telecommunications, transportation, chemicals, medical equipment, household electrical appliances and light industry and other departments have stamping processing. It is not only used by the entire industry, but also directly related to stamping products. Like airplanes, trains, cars, tractors There are many large, medium and small stampings. Car body, frame and rims and other parts are stamping processing. According to the survey statistics, bicycles, sewing machines, 80% of the watches are stamping parts; the television, the cassette recorder, the camera has 90% is the stamping piece, also has the food metal shell, the steel fine boiler, the enamel basin bowl and the stainless steel tableware, all is uses the mold the stamping processing product; Even the computer hardware also lacks the hardware stamping piece.

However, stamping process used in the mold is generally specialized, and sometimes a complex part needs several sets of molds to be processed, and mold manufacturing precision, high technical requirements, is a technology-intensive products. Therefore, only in the case of large quantities of stamping parts production, the advantages of stamping process can be fully reflected, thus obtaining better economic benefits.

Of course, stamping processing also has some problems and shortcomings. It is mainly manifested in the noise and vibration caused by the stamping process, and the safety accidents of the operators are often occurred. However, these problems are not entirely due to the stamping process and the mold itself, but mainly because of the traditional stamping equipment and backward manual operation. With the advancement of Science and technology, especially the development of computer technology, with the progress of mechatronics technology, these problems will be solved as soon as possible.