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Various problems and defects of metal die castings

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Previous peers to the casting defects to say hundred kinds, most of the name of the casting defects we do not understand and have not heard, have read a few years of the book also said that casting defects in the name of the physical, China die-casting history for thousands of years, today how to put the defects of the casting so complex, you say you, I said my, and then I think the casting defects name is not unified can not communicate, through years of experience in die casting metal die castings defects do a few points.

Cold, split, contraction, gas, and stripping are five major defects in die casting
1. Cold: Refers to the casting surface roughness. Cold lines, water and so on.
2. Splitting: Refers to the sticking of the mold to crack.
3. Shrink: It means that the surface of castings is uneven.
4. Gas: Refers to the air hole in the inlet of the casting. Air holes in the overflow slag envelope;
5: OFF: It means that the surface of the casting is a thin layer of the same as the purple, we call him peeling. There are thick and thin tiny and few. Some side thin off the other side and the casting adult we call him septal.

Remove five major defects:
1. Understand the casting process.
2. To understand the weight of the product.
3. Understand the product structure. How to use the transverse runner. The transverse runner is the guide runner.
4. Understand the structure of the product. To open the inner gate. Two DAO inlet. Point bead Import, as long as you understand the die-casting from these aspects can solve the metal stamping parts five major defects.

At present, several major defects of castings have been the difficulties of die casting company.
1. How does the blowhole stay inside the gate.
2. The air vent of the flow slag is caused by the problem.
3. The surface size of the casting bubble is how to come.
4. The casting blowhole is difficult to remove.
5. The main process of the casting to produce the skin is wrong.
6. Why does the casting desquamate-root release agent have relations?
7.6 Words at the beginning of the aluminum why it is difficult to do some of the details of the idea.
8. Zinc Alloy Castings after electroplating surface foam, is the material problem or the mold (machine-mode) problem, or electroplating plant problem, how can we determine whether the material problem-or die-casting process problem-or mold problem-or electroplating problem.
9. How to achieve the surface strength of zinc alloy castings.
10. The best release agent for copper castings.

Die-Casting Technology: die-casting company is the basis of survival, with good technology to reflect the company's ability.

Die-Casting Management: is the direction of the development of die-casting company, die-casting company's best management is to achieve control (controlling costs.) to control the quality of production. To make sure that all managers are in charge of the company.