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Metal & Tools

  • Plastic Toys Injection Moulding
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    Plastic Toys Injection Moulding

    The company is mainly engaged in the design, production, processing and injection molding of plastic products, such as display stands, display boxes, promotional gifts, toys, shelf accessories, luggage, etc.
  • Metal Stampings Processing
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    Metal Stampings Processing

    ‚Äčour company has an independent stamping shop, has a punch, wire cutting machine, tapping machine, bending machine, CNC machine tools, etc., and has its own mold workshop; can undertake punching and processing services from all walks of life, and can be designed according to...
  • Sheet Metal Stamping Dies
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    Sheet Metal Stamping Dies

    our company specializes in stamping parts, stamping processing, metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts, Ningbo stamping parts, drawing parts, metal drawing parts, stamping sheet metal parts, stamping die processing, drawing die processing,...
  • Progressive Tooling
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    Progressive Tooling

    Essai's advantage Essai Corporation, the core technology for precision metal stamping and continuous stamping mold manufacturing. The design team has the latest continuous mold design concept, and has full control over the mold manufacturing process. CNC, EDM, grinding...
  • Automotive Hardware Parts Stamping Mould
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    Automotive Hardware Parts Stamping Mould

    Essai manufactures metal stamping tools for the automotive/home appliance and appliance industries. Steel tools and foundry tools are available. Progressive tools, transfer tools, tandem tools, manual tools. Essai tools produce an average of 10 to 15 molds per month. Tool...
  • Processing Aluminum Die Casting For Led
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    Processing Aluminum Die Casting For Led

    Aluminum alloy die castings are widely used in the LED industry, many of which are made of aluminum alloy die casting parts! We can process any aluminum fittings on your led product. You only need to provide your requirements, according to your requirements or design drawings...
  • Automotive Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing
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    Automotive Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing

    Aluminum alloy parts are widely used in the automotive industry, such as: pistons, piston pins, cylinders, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, water pumps, oil pumps, brake master cylinders, brake cylinders, steam pumps, automotive fuel injection pumps, boosters...
  • Motorcycle Parts Stamping
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    Motorcycle Parts Stamping

    The picture is the motorcycle accessories that we are processing for customers. Many motorcycle parts need to be stamped and formed! If you are looking for a replacement processing plant that can make accessories for motorcycles, I will tell you that we can! Different...
  • Metal Tool Services
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    Metal Tool Services

    Essai manufacturing metal stamping tools for automotive /appliance and electrical industries. Provide steel tools and casting tools. Progressive Tools, transfer tools, tandem tools,manual tools. Essai tool have Capacity to produce 10~15 sets of dies on Average per month. Tool...
  • Aluminium And Zinc Die Casting
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    Aluminium And Zinc Die Casting

    We offers rapid turnaround on strong, durable, dimensionally stable production parts through our ISO 9001:2008-certified die casting facility. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to make die cast tooling faster than our competitors, automate the die...
  • Sheet Metal Stamping
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    Sheet Metal Stamping

    Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. This could be a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produce the...
  • Kinds of Metal Stamping
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    Kinds of Metal Stamping

    We specialize in a variety of different metals. Essai is uniquely qualified to bring your product design to life, quickly and economically.
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