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Automotive Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing

Automotive Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing

Aluminum alloy parts are widely used in the automotive industry, such as: pistons, piston pins, cylinders, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, water pumps, oil pumps, brake master cylinders, brake cylinders, steam pumps, automotive fuel injection pumps, boosters , compressors, radiators! We have been engaged in the processing of aluminum alloy parts for more than ten years and have strict process management. According to the requirements of customers, we design products and process products to create perfect aluminum alloy products for customers!

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The aluminum alloy part processing process can separate the rough and finish machining. After the rough machining is completed, the parts are heat treated, the part's cutting stress and residual stress are fully released, and then the finish machining is performed. The processing quality of the (spiking technology) parts will be obtained. To a great extent, the implementation of rough and fine processing separately has the following advantages:

(1) It can reduce the effect of residual stress on machining distortion. After the roughing is completed, it is recommended that heat treatment be used to remove the stress caused by the roughing of the part, which can reduce the influence of stress on the quality of the finishing process.

(2) Improve machining accuracy and surface quality. After the rough and finish machining are separated, the finishing machining is only processing a small margin, resulting in less processing stress and deformation, and can greatly improve the quality of the parts.

(3) Improve production efficiency. Since rough machining removes only excess material and leaves a sufficient margin for finishing, it does not take into account size and tolerances, effectively exerting the performance of different types of machine tools and improving cutting efficiency.

After the aluminum alloy parts are machined, the metal structure in the processing table will undergo great changes. In addition, the effect of cutting movement will lead to a large residual stress. In order to reduce the deformation of the parts, the residual stress of the material needs to be reduced. Fully released.

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