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Auto Parts Plastic Injection Mould

Auto Parts Plastic Injection Mould

Essai Mold Co., Ltd. adopts advanced CAD\CAM\CAE auxiliary design system in mold development and manufacturing, has excellent design, manufacturing management team, and advanced machinery and equipment, providing a strong guarantee for the mold manufacturing backstage. Adhere to the people-oriented development concept, actively absorb and train professionals, and solve your worries for your choice! At the same time, the company has been adhering to: "Customers' interests are paramount, and they are meticulous in creating molds with high quality, long life, and excellent price." Essai wholeheartedly welcomes you to inquire

Product Details

Auto Parts Plastic Injection Mould Material: P20,718,718H,2738,2316,S136 NAK80 and many other materials for your choice, mold base: 45# pre-hardened>30 HRC
Cooling System: Optimized design of circulating water, increasing production efficiency and reducing your costs
Mid-term treatment: Conditioning improves hardness.
Post-processing: Nitriding (Nitriding process temperature is low, deformation is very small, no need to quench it will have a high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance)
Die life: P20 normal use of not less than 500,000 models
Mode of transport: Before the mould is shipped, it must be fitted with a locking film, which is sturdy and rust-proof.
After-sales service: 1 year mold warranty, free maintenance during the warranty period

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