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Printer Plastic Shell Mold Manufacturing

Printer Plastic Shell Mold Manufacturing

We are a manufacturer with more than ten years of plastic mold manufacturing and plastic product processing and production. Customize molds and produce products according to your requirements

Product Details


Printer Plastic Parts Mould Manufacturing Service:

 range :printer shell injection mold; printer face shell plastic mold

 Mold material P20

Material hardness HRC28-32

Manufacturing cycle 45 days

Service life of 500,000 modules

About our introduction

Business scope Injection Mould, Plastic Mould, Plastic Mould, Die Casting Mould, FRP Mould

Processing capacity mold design, mold manufacturing

Cooling system optimization design of circulating water

Medium-term treatment of quenched and tempered, quenched and high temperature tempered, so that the workpiece has a good overall mechanical properties, improve hardness.

Post-treatment nitriding (low nitriding treatment temperature, little deformation, no need to quench, it has high surface hardness and wear resistance)

Remarks We are ready to provide you with progress in production.

wellcome to Essai we Has a professional and experienced design team, using CAD / CAM / CAE / UG / Solidworks and other software products and mold 3D and 2D modeling. We are excellent

The show's design capabilities are highly appreciated by customers. Yinghao has efficient and precise processing and testing equipment, including mold clamping machines, deep hole drilling, CNC, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, and wire cutting machines.

EDM, carved, lathe, etc. In addition, we have a strict quality control management system, with a professional work team and close cooperation between various departments.

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