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  • Car Plastic Parts Molding
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    Car Plastic Parts Molding

    There are many parts on the car that are plastic. The plastic parts of these cars need to be processed out of the mold. We provide customers with automotive plastic parts mold processing and molding.Read More
  • Aluminum Alloy Cnc Processing
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    Aluminum Alloy Cnc Processing

    Large-scale CNC machining is equipped with a precision and more efficient tool magazine. Our province has the processing cost of your province. The machine is equipped with a boring tool and we control the coaxial product very well. Machine type, 5 large gantry machining...Read More
  • Custom Home Appliance Plastic Mould
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    Custom Home Appliance Plastic Mould

    Commitment to give you a detailed description of the price and product information in the shortest possible time; Commitment to tailor the products you need for home appliances plastic molds in the shortest possible time.Read More
  • Auto Parts Plastic Injection Mould
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    Auto Parts Plastic Injection Mould

    Essai Mold Co., Ltd. adopts advanced CAD\CAM\CAE auxiliary design system in mold development and manufacturing, has excellent design, manufacturing management team, and advanced machinery and equipment, providing a strong guarantee for the mold manufacturing backstage. Adhere...Read More
  • Plastic Extrusion Molding
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    Plastic Extrusion Molding

    * The company is specialized in mold development, production, sales of plastic extruded profiles, and with injection molding, packaging, fuel injection and other processes with the manufacturers. * The company's products are widely used in toys, furniture, lighting,...Read More
  • PE Plastic Extrusion Processing
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    PE Plastic Extrusion Processing

    Our factory specializes in the production of PVC, ABS, PP, PS, PA, PE, TPR, TPE, TPU, POM profiles, tubes, rods, extruded plastics, composite plastics and other products, with soft and hard co-extrusion, multicolor Coextruded, transparent, spiral and other products. Colors,...Read More
  • ABS Plastic Extrusion Processing
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    ABS Plastic Extrusion Processing

    A variety of abs plastic extrusions to map design, open mold, processing productionRead More
  • PVC Plastic Extrusion Processing
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    PVC Plastic Extrusion Processing

    Pcv plastic extrusion products to map design, open mold, processing productionRead More
  • Plastic Toys Injection Moulding
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    Plastic Toys Injection Moulding

    The company is mainly engaged in the design, production, processing and injection molding of plastic products, such as display stands, display boxes, promotional gifts, toys, shelf accessories, luggage, etc.Read More
  • Plastic Shell Injection Processing
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    Plastic Shell Injection Processing

    To support you through your project we use our depth of experience and technical knowledge to provide a high level of design assistance. We fully appreciate that confidentiality is key in bringing products to the market and if we aren’t already an approved supplier to you...Read More
  • Metal Stampings Processing
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    Metal Stampings Processing

    ​our company has an independent stamping shop, has a punch, wire cutting machine, tapping machine, bending machine, CNC machine tools, etc., and has its own mold workshop; can undertake punching and processing services from all walks of life, and can be designed according to...Read More
  • Base Baby Carriage Injection Mold
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    Base Baby Carriage Injection Mold

    Features: Children's car seat base, the surface of the sun pattern requirements. Product stage difference requirements 0.03MM 2. Product molding cycle 45S; 3. Dynamic mold glue position, the temperature is very high, difficult to cool; Product application range: Car child...Read More
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