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Honeycomb Hole

Honeycomb Hole
1. Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
2. Lightweight & Energy-Absorption
3. Fireproof & Waterproof

Product Details

Honeycomb Hole

Aluminum honeycomb core also called Bezel hole, is a drilled core material which perforated in the cell walls of the core at a regular intervals.It's very popular that a kind of porcess at the present. We can make the thickness from 1mm to 6mm, and the thinnest place to be 0.25 ~0.33mm,so the cooling area is larger,so that the effect is very good; With these perforated holes, drilled aluminum honeycomb core permits the correct air flow. Normally, drilled core can be used as core material for vacuum tables and for molds in the wind blade industry. 

Thanks to this innovation in the walls of the core, drilled aluminum honeycomb core is more stable, lighter and better air circulation aluminum, making it the ideal core for composite panels sandwich that require maximum rigidity with minimum core thickness. When a light weight but high strength material is needed, the honeycomb core material may be a better choice.

Main Product Features

1. Excellent strength-to-weight ratio

2. Lightweight & Energy-Absorption

3. Fireproof & Waterproof

4. Heat & Sound Insulation

5. Excellent Moisture & Corrosion Resistance

6. Excellent crush strength and stiffness

7. Super Flatness and Rigidity

8. Environmental-Friendly


For the delivery, the fastest date is 3 days of samples, mass production according to your order quantity , usually from a week to 3 weeks.

Our Service

We can customize all kinds of shapes to be installed on any devices,in order to looks beautiful of appearance, can do clear chromate surface treatment ; Sure , you don't worry, it conform to the RHOS,we can provide the environmental protection report, also including the mill certificate and SGS reprot of raw material.

Once you have chosen us, we will give you a 24-hours service from begining to the end, you don't need to worry about it, just wait for delivery,then you can get the best part that you need.

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