Aluminum Alloy Profile Will Show Five Trends

Multi-tone surface treatment Aluminum profile
The present monotonous silver-white and tawny has not been able to meet the architects and external wall decoration tiles, the outer wall latex very good cooperation, the new stainless steel color, the champagne color, the golden yellow, the titanium gold, the Red series (wine red, the JuJube red, the Black, the purple) and so on add the colored glass to make the decoration effect icing on the cake. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished after oxidation, the effect is good.

Abrasive Fabric Profile
The matte aluminum section avoids the bright aluminum alloy profile in the construction decoration the existence certain environment, conditions will form the light of the shortcomings of the interference, its surface as delicate and soft as brocade, is favored by the market, but the existing abrasive material must overcome the surface sand grains uneven, and can see the lack of pattern.

Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface Ceramic aluminum profile
This kind of profile is the most advanced technology in the world. This profile product quality is good, but the cost is higher. It has more than 20 kinds of hue, its biggest characteristic is can according to need like Calico printing, profile surface color colorful, decorative effect is excellent.

Powder Electrostatic Spraying Aluminum profile
Powder electrostatic spraying profile is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali salt mist is much better than oxidized coloring profiles.

Electrophoresis painted Aluminum
Electrophoretic Paint Surface Gloss Soft, can resist the cement, mortar acid rain, Japan 90% of aluminum profiles have been electrophoretic paint.

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