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The basic structure of injection mold

The structure of the injection mold is determined by the form of the injection machine and the complexity of the parts. During injection, the moving mold and the fixed mold are closed to form the cavity and the casting system and when mold opening, the two molds are separated and the plastic parts are taken […]

How to calculate the injection molding cycle?

The injection cycle of an oil pressure drove injection molding machine refers to the period from the beginning of mold closing to the end of the next mold closing. Injection molding is a cyclic process. The molding cycle is mainly composed of material storage time, injection pressure holding time, cooling time, mold opening and closing […]

What’s is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming (plastic uptake) is a kind of hot forming plastic processing technology. Its principle is that heating the flat plastic sheet and make it soft and then adsorption on the surface of the mold with vacuum, molding after cooling. Although Vacuum Forming technology is a little strange to many mould engineers, products made with this technology are everywhere, which are widely […]

Why hot runner system is popular in molding?

According to the different casting system, the mold can be divided into: large nozzle mold, fine nozzle mold, hot runner mold. The hot runner mold is located in one or more hot runner plates with constant temperature and the hot runner mouth without cold material release on the products. Therefore, the hot runner does not […]

A brief introduction of crystallization plastic processing technology

The crystallinity and morphology of crystalline plastics affect the physical and mechanical properties of the products. The slow cooling speed is beneficial to improve the crystallinity. It is very important to get good mechanical properties and surface products for mold temperature control, so it is necessary to raise the mould temperature for the mold engineer […]

A brief introduction of PA66 injection molding

PA-66 is a type of thermoplastic resin, also known as polyhexanediamine, was first invented by the American company DuPont. Polyamide plastic products are widely used as various mechanical and electrical parts, including bearings, gears, pulley pump impeller, blade, high-pressure sealing ring, pad, seat, bushing, oil pipeline, oil reservoir, rope, belt, grinding wheel adhesive, battery box, […]

Process control of molding injection

Process control of molding injectionTherefore, in order to ensure the quality of products, it is necessary to control the injection molding process, which including filling process control, pressure-maintaining process control, pressure-maintaining switching control, cooling and mold temperature control, etc. These specific process controls are introduced here.   Programming control of injection velocity The program control […]

A breif introduction of PMMA plastic injection molding process

PMMA is poly(methyl methacrylate), also known as plexiglass, sub – force, was invented by German chemist o. Rohm in 1902. Because PMMA has very poor surface hardness, impact resistance and molding fluidity and other shortcomings, PMMA modified materials have emerged. For example, methyl methacrylate copolymerization with styrene and butadiene, PMMA-PC, etc. Plexiglass 372 is the copolymerization […]

What are the factors affecting the fluidity of thermoplastics?

In the molding process, the ability of plastic melt to fill the mold cavity at a certain temperature and pressure is called the fluidity of plastic. The quality of plastic fluidity, to a large extent, directly affects the parameters of the molding process, such as molding temperature, molding pressure, molding cycle, mold casting system size […]

How to calculate plastic shrinkage?

Plastic mold design needs to determine the size of the mold structure, that is the template and parts such as cavity and core size, the main design parameters such as material shrinkage rate is particularly important because only determine the plastic forming shrinkage rate to determine the size of each part of the cavity. Even if […]