Factors should consider when choosing injection molding manufacturer

Plastic injection molding is an important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of plastic industry and the popularization and application of plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships and automotive industries, the requirements of injection molding are becoming higher and higher. What factors should we know and pay attention to when we choose injection mold?

Firstly, don’t just look at the price, but consider all aspects of quality, cycle and service.

  1. There are many kinds of injection molding, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to the different requirements of parts material, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, cost and so on, different types of molding forming are selected.
  2. Dies with high precision need to be processed by high precision CNC machine tools, and the material and forming process of the dies have strict requirements. CAD/CAE/CAM die technology is also needed to design and analyze.
  3. Because some parts have special requirements in forming, the mould also needs advanced technology such as hot runner, gas-assisted forming, nitrogen cylinder and so on.
  4. Injection mold manufacturers should have CNC, EDM, WEDM machine tools and CNC copying milling equipment, high-precision grinder, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instrument, computer design and related software.
  5. General large stamping dies (such as automotive cover dies) should consider whether the machine tool has a blank holder mechanism, or even edge lubricant, multi-station progressive, etc. In addition to stamping tonnage, punching times, feeding devices, machine tools and die protection devices should also be considered.
  6. The manufacturing means and technology of the above-mentioned mold are not possessed and mastered by every enterprise. When choosing an injection molding manufacturer, we must understand its processing capability, not only depending on hardware equipment, but also combining management level, processing experience and technical strength.
  7. For the same set of mold, the quotations of different injection molding manufacturers sometimes differ greatly. You shouldn’t pay too much more than the cost of the die, nor should you pay less than the cost of the die. Injection molding manufacturers, like you, want to make reasonable profits in business. Making a set of mold with a much lower quotation would be the beginning of trouble. Users should comprehensive measure based on their own requirements.

Secondly, do not only focus on product design, ignore plastic mold manufacturing.

Some users only pay attention to product researching and developing at the initial stage when developing products or trial-production of new products, ignoring the communication with plastic mold manufacturers. After the preliminary determination of the product design plan, there are two advantages of contacting the mold manufacturer in advance:

  1. It can ensure that the designed products have good forming technology and will not modify the stereotyping design because the parts are difficult to process.
  2. Mould manufacturer can prepare for the design in advance, so as to prevent improper consideration in haste and affect the construction period.
  3. Making high-quality plastic molds, only when the supply and demand sides cooperate closely, can we finally reduce costs and shorten the cycle.

Thirdly, avoid multiparty collaboration and try to make plastic molds and products in a one-stop process.

  1. With qualified molds (qualified specimens), it is not necessarily possible to produce qualified products in batches. This is mainly related to machine tool selection, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and operator’s technical quality.
  2. If you have a good plastic injection mold, you should also have a good forming process. It’s better to cooperate in a one-stop process and avoid multiparty collaboration as far as possible. If the conditions are not met, one party should be fully responsible, and the contract must be clearly written.

Development And Improvement Of Die For Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping dies and presses are the two key factors that determine the quality, accuracy and productivity of stamping parts. Advanced presses only equipped with advanced molds, in order to fully play a role, to achieve good results. The development direction of the mould is:

First, the full use of IT technology to develop mold design, manufacturing.
 Users of the pressure machine speed, precision, efficiency and other aspects of the increasing requirements, to promote the development of the mold. The shape body and the engine are the two key parts of the automobile, the automobile body mold, especially the large and medium-sized covering mold, its technology is dense, manifests the contemporary mold technical level, is the body manufacture technology important constituent. The design and manufacture of body die is the main restricting factor of automobile’s changing mode, which accounts for the time of three of development cycle.

At present, the world’s car modification and replacement-like about 48 months, while the United States only 30 months, this car to benefit from the application of/technology in the mold industry and three-dimensional solid vapor-year covering die structure design software. In addition, the wide application of network technology provides reliable information carrier, realizes the off-site design and manufacture in different places. At the same time, virtual manufacturing and other IT technology applications, will also promote the development of mold industry.

Second, shorten the metal stamping dies die test time.
 At present, the main development of hydraulic high-speed test presses and tensile mechanical presses, especially in mechanical presses on the die test time can be reduced by 80%, with great savings potential. The development trend of this model mechanical press is to use a multi-link tensile press, which is equipped with a numerical control hydraulic stretching pad, which has the function of parameter setting and state memory.

Third, the progressive punching die in the body manufacturing is developing rapidly.
 Automatic punching machine with progressive blanking die or combined die processing rotor, the stator plate, or apply to the plug operation, are well-known stamping technology, in recent years, the progressive composite blanking die in the body manufacturing began to be more and more widely used, using progressive die directly to the roll material processing as forming parts and stretching parts.

Processing parts are also getting larger, eliminating the use of multiple-station presses and complete sets of mold production must be threaded plate shearing, oil, slab transport and other follow-up processes. The progressive combination die has been widely used in the American automobile industry, its advantage is high production rate, low die cost, no need for sheet shearing, compared with the ladder mode used on the Multi-position press, saving 30%. However, the application of progressive combined Die technology is limited by tensile depth, orientation and transmission of strip edge material surface hardening, which is mainly used for simple parts with shallow tensile depth, so it can’t replace the Multi-position press, most of the parts should be considered in the multi-station press die casting machine.

The Hidden Worry Of Metal Stamping Parts Processing Business

China in the real mold metal stamping parts on the road, there are a variety of current situation needs to be changed, which involves the development of metal stamping parts industry, such as product quality, standardization level, talent supply and demand, product structure, innovation ability, the relationship between enterprises, as well as overseas market development. The first is to improve the quality of products.

At present, the processing conditions of automatic lathe parts are uneven, which seriously affect the accuracy and quality of automatic lathe parts. For example, precision heat treatment, metal stamping parts of the different materials make the domestic mold in the appearance of quality and service life difficult to compete with foreign products. Domestic molds used 2cr13 and 3cr13, while the foreign use of special mold materials, its comprehensive mechanical properties, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and polished brightness more superior.

Second, the level of standardization needs to be improved. China mold (standard pin) standardization work started late, standard parts production, sales, promotion and application work is relatively backward, the current mold standard parts (middle gauge pins) The use of coverage of about 40, while the international generally higher than 79%, small and medium-sized molds are more than 80%.

Metal stamping parts processing personnel to seek far more than the plight of the need to change. Metal stamping parts processing personnel training itself is a long-term process, and requires the accumulation of years of experience. and limited by the conditions of hardware and software facilities, some colleges and universities to cultivate professional students the actual skills are not enough;

We need to redouble our efforts to speed up the structural adjustment of the power supply pins. The overall direction of development will still be to achieve large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold and mold parts development speed than the overall speed of the industry, continue to expand the proportion of plastic metal stamping, the expansion of professional die casting mold manufacturers and capacity.

Increase investment to strengthen innovation. Backbone enterprises are necessary to align from the mold roughing, heat treatment to a variety of American regulation pins, Australian regulation pins, Korean regulation pins and the British gauge pins, and other hardware pins, the general enterprise should also have CNC processing equipment, to achieve automatic mold manufacturing. and through the promotion of research and production cooperation to strengthen innovation.

It is a trend to promote the joint reorganization among mould enterprises. This is mainly to take into account the current mold enterprises in a considerable part of the private enterprises, the objective existence of advanced molding technology and equipment difficult to import problems, which undoubtedly exacerbated in the middle and low market competition.

Overseas market development needs to be deepened. In Australia, for example, the country’s demand for stamping die, China can use its own in this area of equipment advantages, and further develop the Spring Factory international market.

Development Trend Of Metal Stamping Parts Modernization

With the metal stamping parts die manufacturing skills gradually to scientific development, the original model and the use of graphics to create automotive panel mold, the traditional method is gradually by the CAD/CAM terminal from the digital description of the Automobile panel shape to the processing trajectory of the method to replace

Using the telephone line remote processing process will be the metal stamping parts manufacturing scientific level to a new height. Before the review, in the processing of steel molds with the outer parts of the punching car, a detailed blueprint must be drawn and a master model manufactured in accordance with the precise size of the punching piece. It can be said that the model is the design and manufacture of Hull mold. When making metal stamping die with casting method, it is necessary to arrange the sample of wood mould or auto parts first.

The model, which is made in a certain proportion, is called “the mould”, and is often used as a master in the profiling process or as an auxiliary model to show the machining trajectory of the milling machine. In the shape milling machine, by means of the mould contour, the milling cutter is milled according to the movement of the mould, which imitates the mould cavity. The current processing methods have changed radically. By the CAD data provided by the customer, the machining trajectory of the milling cutter is generated, and the stamping die of the automobile panel is automatically machined and the mould of the molded cavity of the plastic sheet is formed.

Although the new process can be used more accurately than the previous processing method to produce two of the mold of the surface, but for the pressure of the test mold, and the sample to be measured. The main cavity surface of the mould is machined correctly by CAD data, and then the prevention of wear pads and other parts are matched with the main cavities. The characteristics of the new technology of the die casting can be summarized as follows.

Second, test by three coordinate measuring machine
The three-coordinate measuring machine used in conjunction with the CAD/CAM system is different from the movable three-coordinate measuring machine, which is suitable for the traditional machining mould. Now the three-coordinate measuring machine is equipped with automatic measuring system. The positioning accuracy of this three-coordinate measuring machine at any point in the 3250 X 1370 measure space is 0.015mm. The quality of the parts of the punching die or plastic mold can be measured at 40 tons. In order to keep the measuring machine at its highest measurement precision, it should be placed in a separate room isolated from the external environment, the room temperature should be maintained 20 Shan.

In order to prevent the vibration from adversely affecting the measurement, the measuring machine should be installed on a concrete base with a mass of 100 tons of air cushion support. In the processing of automatic lathe parts in Shenzhen, the three-coordinate measuring machine can not only be used as a tool to check the quality of the die, but also as a tool to detect the machining process. That is, in the process of processing the various processes after the Half-way inspection. For example, the main mold cavity surface of the spring factory is inspected after processing.

In particular, the machining surfaces should be thoroughly inspected before being thrown out to determine how to achieve more accurate geometrical shapes required for machining surfaces. In the inspection of the mold, you need to use a more dense streamline through parts everywhere. Each mold needs to be inspected two times. Once in stamping parts processing, another after stamping processing. By using the theoretical calculation thickness, the fitting condition of the upper and lower model cavity is measured to grasp the actual condition of the CAD design data precision.

Third, do not need the main model and modulo
Although the main model and die are no longer used, the machining accuracy of automatic lathe is improved. For example, when the machining tolerances are very strict and the main cavity surface grinding requires manual polishing, the CAD data processing is better than the main model and the mould. The main difference is that the size control is fundamentally improved. The machining tolerances will change with the daily temperature when the mould of molded plastic parts is processed by traditional method.

For plastic sheet metal stamping molding of Dongguan hardware Although the processing precision is also very good, but the plastic sheet metal hot-pressing molding is not like the stamping sheet of the springback, so the precise control of the CAD data after processing, generally do not need to test mode. For this automatic lathe parts die as long as the regular customer verification can be, generally no longer need to submit the workpiece. This is mainly because the use of CAD data processing to test the results, the mold cavity surface can also be mathematical analysis, so as to ensure that the manufacturing process can be very strictly in accordance with the original design data implementation. It is because of the elimination of the mold manufacturing process of manual operation, improve the compression spring mold precision and processing cycle competitiveness.

The application of CAD data to die processing technology has been popularized in most metal stamping parts processing plants. Now, with the experience of many factories, the application of this technology, although the cam-generated tool trajectory time increased by 14%, but for the time spent in the light is reduced by 33%, the total processing time is shortened by 16.5%, the quality of the mold increased by 12%. Now, a variety of CAD/CAM software can help engineers to mold design and generate CNC milling cutter trajectory. The system can also display 3-D color models on the screen for design tooling and analysis. It can also be used to improve the casting quality of finite element analysis and Die thermal performance analysis. In fact, any customer’s database can be directly used for input, or entered after conversion.

IV. Characteristics of plastic sheet metal forming die
Used for molding plastic sheet mold, and stamping parts of the mold metal plate, it has no material rebound problem. So the processing of this power pin sometimes does not need to adjust the mold to the condition, but the eye on the plastic parts to use the surface condition. The focus is on surface precision and shape accuracy.

V. Management of the process
Networks that use these systems usually consist of small calculators and personal calculator terminals. An effective management system (Effectivens) software can track and manage the processing process. such as mastering the progress of processing, the status of parts flow, procurement of purchased parts, receiving status and processing quality. This management system also includes material inventory, planning and control, inventory management, standard castings, material vitae, total production schedules, and material planning, order and sales history, arrival quantity, operator’s resume, control status of workshop, planning time, quality evaluation, standard machining route, required production capacity plan, labor cost, outsourcing plan and arrival status, purchase requisition, purchased parts history and deliverable quantity, etc. The application of this kind of stretching spring software can choose the appropriate time for outsourcing goods and save labor.

Complete all processing status information into inventory management to produce a complete list of materials. And then according to the processing route for orderly processing. The system also provides daily data on the working hours of the operators and the running time of the machine tool, as well as the time of the shutdown. This can not only reduce the time of machine tool loss, but also calculate the actual production cost, so as to reduce the production cost.

What Is The Development Direction Of Metal Stamping Parts?

Soon, 1 precision stamping parts will be listed. With the improvement of the miniaturization and the precision of the parts, the tolerances on the machining accuracy of some automatic lathe parts require the following 1, it’s going to be the development of ultra-fine processing Dongguan shenzhen metal stamping parts processing industry to further develop multi-functional composite mold, a multi-function metal stamping die in addition to stamping parts, but also bear laminated pressure, tapping, riveting and locking and other assembly tasks. Through this multi-functional mold production is no longer a mass of parts, but a batch of components, such as the power pin components, a variety of micro-motor, electrical and instrumentation of the iron core components. Multi-color and multi-material plastic forming mold will also have a faster development. This mold shortens the production cycle of the product and will be developed and applied in different fields in the future.

With the increasing popularization and application of hot runner technology, the proportion of hot runner mould in plastic mould will be gradually improved. The use of hot runner technology mold can improve the productivity and quality of the workpiece, and can greatly save the raw materials, the application of this technology in foreign development is very common. Domestic heat flow mold has also been produced, some enterprises have reached 30% or so, but overall, the proportion is too low to be developed. With the continuous improvement and development of the plastic forming process, the mould of gas-assisted mould and the mold for high pressure injection molding will be developed.

Stamping die mold industry in the proportion of diecasting die will continue to improve. With the development of vehicle and motor, the quantity, life and complexity of die-casting mould will be demanded. With the development of plastic steel, plastic generation of wood and product parts of the precision and complexity of continuous improvement, the proportion of plastic mold will continue to improve, its accuracy and complexity will also be improved.

The application of Die standard parts will be more and more extensive, mold standardization and die standard parts application can greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle. The use of mold standard parts can not only shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also improve the mold quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs. At the same time, the prospect of rapid economic tooling is very broad. Because people require that the production cycle of mold is shorter and better, so the development of rapid economic mold more and more people pay attention to. For example, the development of a variety of superplastic materials to make molds, with epoxy, polyester or in which the filler metal, glass and other reinforcement to make a simple mold.

This kind of mold manufacture craft is simple, the precision is easy to control, the shrinkage rate is small, the price is cheap, the life is high. It can also be used to make automobile panel moulds. Medium and low melting point alloy mold, spraying molding mold, electroforming mould, die casting, lamination mold, ceramic blister mold and light modelling and the use of heat hardening rubber rapid manufacturing low-cost molds and other rapid economic mold will be further developed. Quick-die Racks, fast-changing first-class will also be increasingly developed. In addition, computer control and manipulator operation of the fast-changing device, rapid test-mode device technology will also be developed and improved.

Hardware Stamping Parts Small And Medium-sized Processing Enterprises How To Survive?

Metal Stamping Parts Product applications, a wide range of products. At present, the market development of small and medium-sized enterprises should pay attention to the following points:

One: Looking for small quantities, relatively low technical content orders. Enterprises in the development of the market to find a number of small batches, relatively high profit orders and buyers, more conducive to the growth of enterprises and the accumulation of original funds.

Second: The adoption of the Internet and the traditional model of the marketing type. Small businesses can make use of the traditional marketing model on the basis of ensuring the foundation of the Internet, such as: participate in some exhibitions, visit some customers, and make more business phone calls. Take a relatively active approach, metal stamping parts to expand the market.

Third: Learn to borrow power. For small and medium sized enterprises, a large order can be used to find some unused plant or equipment, in order to save the cost of investment, only to invest in technical force and human resources, so as to earn more profits. One but the market crisis, can be flexible to do a good job of market transformation, avoid blind expansion.

Aluminum Alloy Profile Will Show Five Trends

Multi-tone surface treatment Aluminum profile
The present monotonous silver-white and tawny has not been able to meet the architects and external wall decoration tiles, the outer wall latex very good cooperation, the new stainless steel color, the champagne color, the golden yellow, the titanium gold, the Red series (wine red, the JuJube red, the Black, the purple) and so on add the colored glass to make the decoration effect icing on the cake. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished after oxidation, the effect is good.

Abrasive Fabric Profile
The matte aluminum section avoids the bright aluminum alloy profile in the construction decoration the existence certain environment, conditions will form the light of the shortcomings of the interference, its surface as delicate and soft as brocade, is favored by the market, but the existing abrasive material must overcome the surface sand grains uneven, and can see the lack of pattern.

Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface Ceramic aluminum profile
This kind of profile is the most advanced technology in the world. This profile product quality is good, but the cost is higher. It has more than 20 kinds of hue, its biggest characteristic is can according to need like Calico printing, profile surface color colorful, decorative effect is excellent.

Powder Electrostatic Spraying Aluminum profile
Powder electrostatic spraying profile is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali salt mist is much better than oxidized coloring profiles.

Electrophoresis painted Aluminum
Electrophoretic Paint Surface Gloss Soft, can resist the cement, mortar acid rain, Japan 90% of aluminum profiles have been electrophoretic paint.

Several Common Accessories For The Connection Of Aluminum Profiles

Industrial aluminum profiles to achieve docking connection between the main profiles, there are three kinds of appearance styles: 1, 90 Right angle butt 2, 180 angle Butt docking 3, arbitrary angles butt.

First introduces several kinds of industrial aluminum parts which can realize 90 docking:
1, corner slot connector
For the right angle connection of two profiles, the two ends of the profile are inserted into the profile groove pits.
2, the built-in connection piece
When the profile cross connection or right angle connection, the assembly must be in the profile specified size position of the installation process hole, the piece into the process hole, while the elastic nut block into another section of the groove, and then lock bolts.
3. Internal connection Parts
When the profile cross or right angle is connected, the assembly must be installed in the profile of the specified size position of the process hole, put the piece into the process hole, while the T-type head into another section of the trough, the T-shaped head of the cylinder into the center of the profile, locking the direction of 90 and 180
4. Fast Connecting Parts

Then is the realization of 180 docking industrial Aluminum Accessories:
Slot Connection
It is used for a straight line length connection between two profiles, which is inserted into a groove pit at the butt of two profiles and then locked with a screw.

Finally, the realization of any corner connection accessories:
1. Bevel Connecting piece
Used for two-bar 90 bevel connection, when installed, it is hidden inside the profile.
2. Movable hinge

How To Reduce The Product Cost Of Aluminum Profile Factory

Aluminum profile defects are a factor that leads to scrap, and a small defect on the aluminum profile will discard the entire fixed-ruler saw-cut aluminum profile. Because of the high added value of aluminum profile, squeeze manufacturers should do their utmost to reduce the defects of aluminum profiles.

1. Non-extrusion cycle time-assuming that aluminum extrusion machine production efficiency of 30 aluminum rods per hour, each non-extrusion cycle saves 10 seconds, so that 2 hours of extrusion time can be added per day, and 2 hours means 8% more output, which is equivalent to reducing the conversion cost of 8% per kg of profiles.

2. Downtime (outage)-a huge loss due to downtime (our example of downtime is $48.00 per minute), not to mention the capacity lost during downtime because there is no output.

3. Extrusion Speed-outsourcing of High-tech aluminum mold production efficiency should be seriously considered. A medium order can compensate for the extra cost of buying a mold if the aluminum profile dies and the extrusion manufacturer itself can achieve faster extrusion speeds. For example, assume that the normal cost is 2,860.00 yuan/hour, because of the purchase of High-tech molds and the additional cost of 10,000.00 Yuan, as long as the extrusion speed of 50%, the basic production efficiency of 800 kg/hour, then a less than 10 tons of orders can make up for the use of expensive molds and the additional cost.

4. Using porous molds, the extrusion speed can be increased by 200% (2 hole molds) or even 300% (3 hole molds), resulting in higher economic benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of using modern aluminum traction machines is that when the aluminum profile reaches the right extrusion length, the traction machine has the function of controlling the extrusion press. This is similar to the non extrusion cycle, but because the extruded aluminum profile happens to be the desired length, there is no waste in squeezing time. As a result, more cost savings can be achieved, as the reduction of waste is accompanied by savings in the delivery and recycling of extruded waste.

The most important goal of aluminum profile extrusion from extruder is to increase production and delivery rate by reducing scrap, and to send more products to customers. Any scrap that is produced after the squeeze will be very costly, so as to minimize waste production in subsequent processes. To minimize the waste, you must realize sawing at the stop mark (the traces of the mold on the profile during the non extrusion cycle).

There are only two techniques that can be used to cut at the parking mark-that is, the flying saw cutting and the dual-length system. The flying saw cutting technique refers to sawing in the extrusion process. The use of flying saw cutting technology can be achieved in the parking mark from the extruder, the profile in the parking mark at the cut off. The dual-length system means that the first and second sections are cut off during the non extrusion period after the second section is extruded.

The two technologies have their advantages. A dual-length system can provide two of the cooling time of the extrusion cycle, which is very useful for building alloys. But the flying saw cutting system costs less (equipment costs and the cost of the plant space) and allows a stick to operate in multiple-cut mode without having to stop the extruder.

Both technologies can increase 1% to 2% of the yield (the original 1%-2% scrap, now converted to eligible products can be sent to customers). From the scrap to the goods can be shipped, which is the direct conversion of high value-added profiles, resulting in enormous economic benefits. If this growth is counted at 1%, as we have said in the preceding 2,860.00 cost For example, then compared with the tractor system which can not be sawed at the parking mark, it can save more than RMB 1,000,000 during the 5-year recovery period. Cost of 00 Yuan.

Aluminum profiles are moved on the extruder transmission system-any movement on the extruder transmission system may cause damage to the aluminum profile. For example: The modern transmission system uses the traction machine to place the aluminum profile directly in the position of the drawing Machine Head, so that it is not necessary to push the aluminum profile on the belt to align the aluminum material with the drawing machine jaw. So it can reduce the possibility of the profile being scratched.

Adjust the clearance of aluminum profiles-profiles piled together easy to scrape each other. The modern transmission system can make the profile and the profile to maintain the appropriate clearance. In the process of arranging or gathering, you do not need to use the bezel to align the profile.

Market Demand And Application Range Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Market Trend
The application of industrial aluminum in modern industry is more and more extensive, has been widely recognized by all walks of life, this not only depends on the product performance is more critical based on market demand,
With the rapid development of industry and industrial demand, industrial aluminium profiles have been adapted to modern industrial production based on the market demand, which has a smooth appearance and good
Performance, environmental pollution-free, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, product model specification of a variety of standardization, with super plasticity, can meet the various needs of different users, and
Industrial aluminum profiles are widely involved in the field, including automotive manufacturing, machinery industry automation and frame line body fencing, transportation track, medical equipment, aerospace
Air and even all types of light industry and shelves and so on. At the same time, industrial aluminum profiles of ancillary accessories are convenient, convenient installation and disassembly, practical, and industrial aluminum type
Material perfect matching use.
At present, China’s industrial aluminum technology has reached the world’s advanced level, whether export or domestic sales of industrial aluminum production and use of China accounted for the world’s first
Bit, the annual use of industrial aluminum profiles in the total proportion of aluminum has reached 30%. It is expected that in the next few years, industrial aluminum profiles will have more use and development space, production
and dosage will continue to grow, domestic industrial aluminum suppliers to customers and market demand for continuous refinement of extrusion production technology, improve material performance, improve supply flow
Cheng, in-depth research to promote the development of our industrial aluminum profile is a good promotion and promotion role, so our industrial aluminum profile is bound to be the future of light
Ming industry, and China is bound to become the industrial aluminum processing power.