Causes Of Dents In Plastic Mold Processing

  Causes of dents in plastic mold processing

  Plastic mold processing as a processing process, plastic mold after its production or completion, how many will appear to be a bad situation. How should the mould company deal with this situation? Here’s a little part of the more common two.

  1. Dents. The causes of indentation are:

  1, the mold cooling is not sufficient, the cooling time is not enough to cause serious deformation.

  2, the internal pressure of the mold will also occur this situation.

  3. The thickness of each part of the product is different. In this case, the overall approach: to reduce the barrel temperature and mold temperature, plastic mold in the place where the indentation is forced to cool, the indentation of the place to fill the upper edge, the difference in the thickness of the control design products.

  2. Bleaching of products. The cause of the bleaching of the products is the following.

  1), too large to meet the pressure.

  2), Demoulding bad. In this case, the overall approach: in the design of plastic mold to pay attention to the release of the slope to be enough, plastic mold the production of molds, to ensure that the mold cavity to keep clean, real-time processing should immediately drop the pressure.

  In the plastic mold processing process of bad phenomenon there are many kinds of situation, I hope that everyone in the process of operation, cautious, strive to make the most perfect work.

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