Development And Improvement Of Die For Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping dies and presses are the two key factors that determine the quality, accuracy and productivity of stamping parts. Advanced presses only equipped with advanced molds, in order to fully play a role, to achieve good results. The development direction of the mould is:

First, the full use of IT technology to develop mold design, manufacturing.
 Users of the pressure machine speed, precision, efficiency and other aspects of the increasing requirements, to promote the development of the mold. The shape body and the engine are the two key parts of the automobile, the automobile body mold, especially the large and medium-sized covering mold, its technology is dense, manifests the contemporary mold technical level, is the body manufacture technology important constituent. The design and manufacture of body die is the main restricting factor of automobile’s changing mode, which accounts for the time of three of development cycle.

At present, the world’s car modification and replacement-like about 48 months, while the United States only 30 months, this car to benefit from the application of/technology in the mold industry and three-dimensional solid vapor-year covering die structure design software. In addition, the wide application of network technology provides reliable information carrier, realizes the off-site design and manufacture in different places. At the same time, virtual manufacturing and other IT technology applications, will also promote the development of mold industry.

Second, shorten the metal stamping dies die test time.
 At present, the main development of hydraulic high-speed test presses and tensile mechanical presses, especially in mechanical presses on the die test time can be reduced by 80%, with great savings potential. The development trend of this model mechanical press is to use a multi-link tensile press, which is equipped with a numerical control hydraulic stretching pad, which has the function of parameter setting and state memory.

Third, the progressive punching die in the body manufacturing is developing rapidly.
 Automatic punching machine with progressive blanking die or combined die processing rotor, the stator plate, or apply to the plug operation, are well-known stamping technology, in recent years, the progressive composite blanking die in the body manufacturing began to be more and more widely used, using progressive die directly to the roll material processing as forming parts and stretching parts.

Processing parts are also getting larger, eliminating the use of multiple-station presses and complete sets of mold production must be threaded plate shearing, oil, slab transport and other follow-up processes. The progressive combination die has been widely used in the American automobile industry, its advantage is high production rate, low die cost, no need for sheet shearing, compared with the ladder mode used on the Multi-position press, saving 30%. However, the application of progressive combined Die technology is limited by tensile depth, orientation and transmission of strip edge material surface hardening, which is mainly used for simple parts with shallow tensile depth, so it can’t replace the Multi-position press, most of the parts should be considered in the multi-station press die casting machine.

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