Eight Important Matters Needing Attention In Die-casting Die Maintenance

  Eight important matters needing attention in die-casting die Maintenance

  Die-casting mold maintenance needs to undergo a professional training of qualified mold maintenance workers to repair. Maintenance, must know the mold technical standards, such as: Die-casting die is a very expensive special precision machinery, must have a very good grasp, not only require die-casting mold maintenance workers have exquisite technology, fine style, but also have a serious and responsible spirit.

  Here are some considerations about die-casting die Repair:

  1, all in the cleaning mold metal crumbs and fouling, showing the mold color.

  2, refer to the last die-casting products with the mold, carefully check the problem of the mold. Are there any tensile injury, sticking die, collapse, drop of meat, there is no small core bent or broken, there is no active core insertion positioning is not allowed, there are no broken rod or push rod length changes, there is no insert block positioning is not allowed, there are no fastening bolts loose and so on. Determine repair or replacement according to the damage condition.

  3, to cause the castings slightly pulls the cavity collapse, the crack, the drop block and so on, may the local welding repair, the welding repair repairs should strictly according to the welding repair process operation, otherwise will lose many die life. The smaller molding parts have more serious faults or die damage.

  4, the larger forming parts of the surface serious collapse, crack, drop block, etc., can be local welding repair, welding repair should be strictly in accordance with the welding process operation, otherwise it will lose a lot of die life. The smaller molding parts have more serious faults or die damage.

  5, the sliding parts such as core-pulling mechanism, guiding device, etc., should be thoroughly cleaned, carefully inspected and repaired. Lubricate and assemble with high temperature lubricating grease.

  6, if has the hydraulic core, the hydraulic part and the mold repair simultaneously. Hydraulic part maintenance Special attention to clean, prevent pollution, otherwise, will pollute the whole die-casting machine hydraulic system.

  7, when the mold in the production engineering failure or damage, should be determined according to the specific circumstances of the repair plan. Complete maintenance in accordance with the above method if necessary.

  8, completes the maintenance mold, will form the surface, the type surface, installs the surface to do the antirust treatment, closes the fixed mold, presses the mold in the machine the installment direction to put on the pad. Mold attachment and mold put together.

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