Four Advantages Of Nanometer Metal Sheet

  Four advantages of nanometer metal sheet

  1. Anti-fouling: the product surface uses nanometer material, nano-coating refers to nano-non-toxic coating of advanced technology, high technology content of nano-coating technology. Make bacteria and stains difficult to produce, metal sheet with self-cleaning function, we are testing, with oily pens, marker pen, writing on the top, as long as the napkin can be wiped gently wipe off, at the same time, the metal plate to avoid the previous similar products yellow change, fade, peeling and other phenomena, because we are baked out of high temperature, so the stability of the product is very good, weather resistance.

  2. Waterproof: Metal Nano is the surface use of molecular synthesis, this High-tech nano-coating is not only non-toxic harmless, metal sheet but also slow release of a substance, degradation of indoor formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful substances, the molecular structure more closely, forming tension, like the lotus leaf principle, water is Shing, so waterproof;

  3. Flame-Retardant: aluminum foil material surface is a thermal insulation flame-retardant plate, for the layered structure, from the base plate, metal sheet flame retardant layer, insulation layer from bottom to top in turn, can achieve five-star hotel fire requirements;

  4. Environmental protection: Metal plate is the use of aluminum and wood composite, after high temperature and high pressure compound, and aluminum foil is we drink the material made of the Iraqi pull cans, aluminum foil is after 240 degrees of high-temperature oven baked, is the real metal paint, metal sheet the plate of formaldehyde and odor can be sealed, so environmental protection.

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