How To Reduce The Product Cost Of Aluminum Profile Factory

Aluminum profile defects are a factor that leads to scrap, and a small defect on the aluminum profile will discard the entire fixed-ruler saw-cut aluminum profile. Because of the high added value of aluminum profile, squeeze manufacturers should do their utmost to reduce the defects of aluminum profiles.

1. Non-extrusion cycle time-assuming that aluminum extrusion machine production efficiency of 30 aluminum rods per hour, each non-extrusion cycle saves 10 seconds, so that 2 hours of extrusion time can be added per day, and 2 hours means 8% more output, which is equivalent to reducing the conversion cost of 8% per kg of profiles.

2. Downtime (outage)-a huge loss due to downtime (our example of downtime is $48.00 per minute), not to mention the capacity lost during downtime because there is no output.

3. Extrusion Speed-outsourcing of High-tech aluminum mold production efficiency should be seriously considered. A medium order can compensate for the extra cost of buying a mold if the aluminum profile dies and the extrusion manufacturer itself can achieve faster extrusion speeds. For example, assume that the normal cost is 2,860.00 yuan/hour, because of the purchase of High-tech molds and the additional cost of 10,000.00 Yuan, as long as the extrusion speed of 50%, the basic production efficiency of 800 kg/hour, then a less than 10 tons of orders can make up for the use of expensive molds and the additional cost.

4. Using porous molds, the extrusion speed can be increased by 200% (2 hole molds) or even 300% (3 hole molds), resulting in higher economic benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of using modern aluminum traction machines is that when the aluminum profile reaches the right extrusion length, the traction machine has the function of controlling the extrusion press. This is similar to the non extrusion cycle, but because the extruded aluminum profile happens to be the desired length, there is no waste in squeezing time. As a result, more cost savings can be achieved, as the reduction of waste is accompanied by savings in the delivery and recycling of extruded waste.

The most important goal of aluminum profile extrusion from extruder is to increase production and delivery rate by reducing scrap, and to send more products to customers. Any scrap that is produced after the squeeze will be very costly, so as to minimize waste production in subsequent processes. To minimize the waste, you must realize sawing at the stop mark (the traces of the mold on the profile during the non extrusion cycle).

There are only two techniques that can be used to cut at the parking mark-that is, the flying saw cutting and the dual-length system. The flying saw cutting technique refers to sawing in the extrusion process. The use of flying saw cutting technology can be achieved in the parking mark from the extruder, the profile in the parking mark at the cut off. The dual-length system means that the first and second sections are cut off during the non extrusion period after the second section is extruded.

The two technologies have their advantages. A dual-length system can provide two of the cooling time of the extrusion cycle, which is very useful for building alloys. But the flying saw cutting system costs less (equipment costs and the cost of the plant space) and allows a stick to operate in multiple-cut mode without having to stop the extruder.

Both technologies can increase 1% to 2% of the yield (the original 1%-2% scrap, now converted to eligible products can be sent to customers). From the scrap to the goods can be shipped, which is the direct conversion of high value-added profiles, resulting in enormous economic benefits. If this growth is counted at 1%, as we have said in the preceding 2,860.00 cost For example, then compared with the tractor system which can not be sawed at the parking mark, it can save more than RMB 1,000,000 during the 5-year recovery period. Cost of 00 Yuan.

Aluminum profiles are moved on the extruder transmission system-any movement on the extruder transmission system may cause damage to the aluminum profile. For example: The modern transmission system uses the traction machine to place the aluminum profile directly in the position of the drawing Machine Head, so that it is not necessary to push the aluminum profile on the belt to align the aluminum material with the drawing machine jaw. So it can reduce the possibility of the profile being scratched.

Adjust the clearance of aluminum profiles-profiles piled together easy to scrape each other. The modern transmission system can make the profile and the profile to maintain the appropriate clearance. In the process of arranging or gathering, you do not need to use the bezel to align the profile.

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