Important Aspects To Be Considered In Designing Plastic Extrusion Dies

  Important aspects to be considered in designing plastic extrusion dies

  1. The Rheological property of the molten material in the mold is to investigate the flow characteristics of the molten material in the die in order to obtain the extruded material which meets the requirement of the quality, and the flow path of the molten material in the mould must be designed. In particular, the gap of the mold terminals, in the reasonable pressure distribution, through the required extrusion capacity, plastic extrusion to obtain the shape size and mold gap shape of the same high quality of extrusion. The properties of non-Newtonian fluids shown by various types of molten materials are different from those of the viscous and elastic properties.

  2, mold structure problems extrusion die at the entrance and exit of the shape of different. As a result, the shape of the flow path is changed in the process of flowing into the outlet of the extrusion mold inlet. plastic extrusion In the design of the change of the shape of the section, it is necessary to ensure the flow of smooth and no stranded ground on the basis of the rheological properties of the plastics used. As for the pressure of the melt to enter the gap entrance, in order to make the extrusion process stable, it should be able to make the uniform.

  There are four parts in the structure of the plastic extruding and extruding die: the part of the melt distribution is one part of the partial one-part part of the cushion. In order to facilitate the analysis and discussion, plastic extrusion the sheet extrusion die of extruded plate is introduced, and the circular or rectangular section of the extruded die should be expanded into a flat To set the melt distribution portion according to the vertical direction of the center axis, and when the melt expands to both sides, the pressure decreases, and the pressure of each part is also different. That is, the pressure is inversely proportional to the distance from the inlet.

  Therefore, the next step must be adjusted to the pressure. In the axial flow of the molten material under different pressure, plastic extrusion it is necessary to set up the adjustment part to achieve the pressure equal to the vertical plane of the central axis, according to the high flow resistance encountered by the part of the pressure. But even if the pressure values are the same, the shear state of the molten material in the flow is not the same. The outlet pressure of the site is the same, but the shear experience of the molten material is different.

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