Market Demand And Application Range Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Market Trend
The application of industrial aluminum in modern industry is more and more extensive, has been widely recognized by all walks of life, this not only depends on the product performance is more critical based on market demand,
With the rapid development of industry and industrial demand, industrial aluminium profiles have been adapted to modern industrial production based on the market demand, which has a smooth appearance and good
Performance, environmental pollution-free, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, product model specification of a variety of standardization, with super plasticity, can meet the various needs of different users, and
Industrial aluminum profiles are widely involved in the field, including automotive manufacturing, machinery industry automation and frame line body fencing, transportation track, medical equipment, aerospace
Air and even all types of light industry and shelves and so on. At the same time, industrial aluminum profiles of ancillary accessories are convenient, convenient installation and disassembly, practical, and industrial aluminum type
Material perfect matching use.
At present, China’s industrial aluminum technology has reached the world’s advanced level, whether export or domestic sales of industrial aluminum production and use of China accounted for the world’s first
Bit, the annual use of industrial aluminum profiles in the total proportion of aluminum has reached 30%. It is expected that in the next few years, industrial aluminum profiles will have more use and development space, production
and dosage will continue to grow, domestic industrial aluminum suppliers to customers and market demand for continuous refinement of extrusion production technology, improve material performance, improve supply flow
Cheng, in-depth research to promote the development of our industrial aluminum profile is a good promotion and promotion role, so our industrial aluminum profile is bound to be the future of light
Ming industry, and China is bound to become the industrial aluminum processing power.

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