Metal Sheet Analysis Of Roof Leakage

1, by the characteristics of the material itself caused by leakage hazards:

(1), the thermal conductivity of the metal plate itself is large, when the external temperature changes greatly, due to changes in environmental temperature, due to temperature changes caused by shrinkage of the color plate at the interface to produce a greater displacement, and thus in the metal plate interface Easy to produce leakage hazards.

(2), the steel structure system, due to the structure itself in the temperature changes, by the wind load, snow load and other external forces, prone to elastic deformation, displacement at the connection site and leakage problems.

(3), special parts, due to the use of different materials to connect, such as parapet and steel plate connection, roof lighting and other parts, due to stress changes are not synchronized, resulting in water leakage.

2, housing structural design or plate defects caused by leakage of hidden dangers:

(1), in the fierce competition in the market, the construction side to undertake the task, and – taste lower cost, in order to save raw materials, structural design, reduce the housing slope, and even some less than 1/20, resulting in roof rain can not Timely row to the gutter, making the roof of the water, resulting in housing leakage.

(2), due to cost factors, the current light steel houses used by the pressure of the pull, most of the lower wave plate type (effective area), and less overlap width, when the house water, easy to diffuse the board Type lap parts, resulting in water leakage.

(3), the lack of node design, the construction unit arbitrarily selected node practice, the roof of the vest is not enough, out of the roof of the pipeline, the exhaust pipe position is not enough or not enough, and even affect the construction of waterproofing difficulties, resulting in water leakage.

(4), improper plate selection. With the kind of direct use of self-tapping screw connection plate type, even if the site is handled well, waterproof glue is done in place, due to the performance of the panel thermal expansion and contraction will be leaking.

(5), the envelope part of the color plate is too thin. After a period of use, the outer plate corrosion or deformation by the temperature, the gap between the plate increases, resulting in water leakage.

3, the construction factors caused by leakage hazards:

(1), the construction works on the roof of the enclosure do not pay attention to protection, free tread the roof, destroyed the roof of the formation or even cracks.

(2), gutter is not anti-corrosion. Some construction units of the gutter anti-corrosion is only brush anti-rust paint or asphalt paint, use a period of time, the gutter corrosion serious.

(3), the steel structure of the housing panel due to the span is too large, in many cases there is a lap process, although the overlap in the use of polyurethane and staples and other processing, installation is often difficult to achieve design standards, rain.

(4), the gutter has no slope. Production should leave a certain slope, at least 0.5%.

(5), the key node parts construction is not careful. Daughter wall and other root corners did not make according to the provisions of the arc or arc is too small, the coil side of the end of the head tight seal, mouth white iron deformation, fixed points scarce coupled with bad. Out of the roof of the pipe pipe lax, the pipeline around the leveling layer is not higher than the nearby leveling layer, waterproof layer of water is not enough height. Insulation layer construction in case of rain, exhaust tank block, vent hole set unreasonable, resulting in long-term flooding insulation.

Roofs have cracks in the joints of the Department of waterproof sealant and seam sidewall adhesion is not strong water seepage.

4, the use of factors caused by leakage of hidden dangers:

(1), housing in the course of the use of random increase in load, resulting in roof deformation. Especially in the roof purlin on the random increase in load, purlins deformation, resulting in roof water.

(2), waterproof glue, sealant aging, the use of the necessary lack of maintenance.

5, geographical features in the structural design has not been fully considered to cause water shortages:

At present, China’s light steel structure design, did not consider the regional climate differences and the use of different waterproof measures, such as the rain in the rainy season in the south of the rain, coastal areas under the typhoon environment, waterproof measures and the northeastern snow melted when the waterproof measures , Have their own structural characteristics, the choice of suitable for the region of waterproof material.

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