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Stamping die is a special process equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping processing, called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold die). Stamping is a pressure processing method in which a material is applied to a material by means of a mold mounted on a press at a room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation to obtain a desired part.

Die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting part. It is a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine with a casting mold. The metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine. Die casting, casting copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of the shape and size of the mold, such parts are often called die castings.

Metal stampings are used in a wide range of applications in our lives:

1) The stamping of the automotive industry is mainly based on deep drawing, mainly concentrated in large factories such as automobile factories, tractor factories and aircraft manufacturers.
2) Stamping of parts and components in the automotive industry, mainly punching and forming, suitable for small factories such as automobile factories or tractor factories.
3) Electric device stamping factory
4) Life Commodity Stamping Factory. Suitable for doing some crafts, tableware, etc.
5) Household appliance parts stamping factory
6) Special stamping enterprises, such as stamping of aviation parts, etc.
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