Plastic Mold Manufacturing Process Is To Ensure That An Important Part Of Mold Quality

Plastic mold manufacturing process is to ensure that an important part of mold quality, mold manufacturing process and processing accuracy of the mold will affect the service life. The accuracy of the parts directly affect the overall assembly of the mold, remove the impact of the accuracy of the device itself, you need to improve the parts processing methods to improve fitter in the mold grinding process with the level of technology to improve the machining accuracy of the mold parts .

The main parts of the mold surface hardening, in order to improve the wear resistance of mold parts surface, so as to better improve the quality of the mold. The correct use and maintenance of mold, but also improve the quality of the mold a major factor. For example: mold installation and commissioning should be appropriate, in the case of hot runner, the power wiring to be correct, cooling water to meet the design requirements, mold in the production of injection molding machine, die-casting machine, the press parameters to be consistent with the design requirements and many more.

In recent years, the mold industry, many of the machinery and equipment sales are declining, but the mold testing equipment, such as 2.5 yuan, three-coordinate detector and other testing instruments are growing, we can see the quality improvement is the current plastic mold manufacturers the necessary direction of reform . But what exactly is the quality of the plastic mold made or detected? After years of exploration, continuous learning, Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. reached a conclusion Rui Kai Rui: To ensure the quality of mold, plastic mold manufacturing quality control is the key to the quality of mold manufacturing.

With the gradual saturation of the market, the market demand is getting smaller and smaller, the product of the individual requirements are getting higher and higher, the plastic mold factory is over the amount of low-cost era has gone, batch New technology start-ups come to light, they in addition to technological innovation and breakthroughs, followed by the product quality requirements in all aspects of the more stringent than in the past, which also promote the entire manufacturing quality reform, plastic mold manufacturing as an industrial Mother, standing on the cusp of the opportunities and challenges coexist, only self-improvement, out of old equipment investment in precision equipment, the introduction of advanced management mechanism from the manufacturing process of strict control in order to effectively improve the quality of the mold.

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