Plastic Molds The Role Of The Five Systems

The five systems of plastic mold are: pouring system, forming system, cooling system, exhaust system, ejection system.

First, the plastic mold of the pouring system

The pouring system consists of a runner, a gate, which is a system that injects molten material into the injection molding machine between the nozzle of the injection molding machine and the mold cavity.

Runner can be divided into: cold runner, hot runner. Cold runner cross-sectional shape can be made semi-circular, round, square, trapezoidal and U-shaped; hot runner can be divided into single point, multi-point.

Gate can be divided into: side gate, point gate, latent gate. Side gate can be transformed into fan-shaped gate, latent gate can become a banana gate.

Second, the plastic mold forming system

The plastic mold injection pressure is provided by the hydraulic system of the plastic mold forming system. The presence of plastic mold pressure is to overcome the resistance in the melt flow process, or the resistance of the plastic mold in the process of the need to offset the pressure of the injection molding machine to ensure that the filling process smoothly.

Third, the plastic mold cooling system

Plastic mold cooling system is mainly to improve work efficiency.

Thermoplastic injection molding must wait for the workpiece to cool to a certain temperature and fully cured before stripping, mold by natural cooling speed is very slow, affecting the efficiency, so the general water cooling system, can greatly reduce the stripping wait time, improve work efficiency.

Fourth, the plastic mold exhaust system

Plastic mold exhaust, the cavity of the gas is compressed, resulting in a lot of anti-pressure, it is this anti-pressure to prevent the normal flow of molten plastic filling, making injection molding difficult.

In the event of difficulties in injection molding, injection molding personnel often use the method of increasing the injection pressure, which leads to the extension of the packing time, the molding cycle delay, the lower production efficiency, the increase of the energy consumption of the injection molding machine and so on.

And even sometimes corrosive gases in the cavity fouling, pollution of the plastic mold, reducing the life of the mold, an increase of the cost of plastic mold.

Fifth, the plastic mold out of the system

There is a part of the plastic parts after molding, due to the shape of the reasons can not automatically fall off, and stay in the cavity, which requires a set of plastic parts out of the cavity to facilitate the removal of plastic parts, this device is called the top Device, that is, plastic mold out of the system.

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