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The most demanding part of a car is a car lamp, which requires high mold design and manufacturing. The main components that make up the front and rear lights of the car are: left and right lenses, left and right decorative frames, left and right lamp housings, and left and right reflectors.



The most demanding part of a car is a car lamp, which requires high mold design and manufacturing. The main components that make up the front and rear lights of the car are: left and right lenses, left and right decorative frames, left and right lamp housings, and left and right reflectors.
Auto lamp plastic mould Technology Summary
The lateral core-pulling mechanism is the most important core structure of this mold. The inner core-pulling mechanism of “T-groove guide block + oblique inward slider” is used in the mold to successfully solve the lateral parting of the transparent part on the surface of the plastic part. The problem of traces.
The mold uses an ordinary pouring system and is fed by a fan-shaped gate tower. Compared with the conventional hot runner pouring system, the mold not only greatly reduces the cost, but also the light transmittance of the lamp lens is better.
The mold adopts the combined cooling system of “vertical cooling water pipe + inclined cooling water pipe + septum water well”. The water channel is arranged along the cavity and the molding cycle is successfully controlled within 35 seconds, effectively ensuring the precision of the plastic parts and the labor of the mold productivity.
Plastic parts are pushed out with push blocks, which are not only stable but also leave no traces of appearance.Since the mold was put into operation, the operation has been stable and smooth, and all the quality indicators of the plastic parts have met the design requirements. It is a successful example of large-scale, complex and long-life injection mold design.
Car headlight decorative frame mold technology summary
The car headlight decorative frame is one of the most important parts of the headlight. The appearance is strict and the mold needs to be plated. For the car headlight decorative frame mold, the following points should be noted when designing:
(1) The electroplating parts must first avoid the weld line, because any weld line of the electroplating part will appear, which will affect the appearance of the plastic parts. When designing the gating system, the weld line should be avoided. If the weld line is unavoidable, try to drive it. In non-exterior areas, the casting system must be verified by mold flow analysis before design.
(2) The decorative frame surface is generally designed with a pattern. When designing the mold, it is necessary to pay attention to the depth of the plastic pattern. Generally, it is easy to generate flow patterns.
(3) The molding process of plastic parts is small, and the plastic parts are easy to produce bright spots and difficult to control. When the mold casting system is designed, the flow path should be thick and large, and the gate should be a fan-shaped gate. The maximum size of the gate width is 35~40mm, which is conducive to melt filling.
(4) The phenomenon of sticking molds is very likely to occur in the plastic parts of the decorative frame. The prevention of the preliminary design of the sticking molds for plastic parts is generally:
a. In the plastic parts easy to stick mold on the inner side of the design of a large buckle back pattern, back buckle pattern depth of 0.5 ~ 1mm, inverted buckle design in the corner near the plastic parts.
b. The plastic parts of the fixed mold with a large force on the side of its corresponding plastic parts design ribs, and design on the push rod upside down hook. According to the characteristics of the plastic parts, the ribs and BOSS columns (commonly known as cylinder columns) should be designed on the side plastic parts of the six LED lamps to avoid deformation of the plastic parts.
In this mold design, the area where the plastic parts hold a large force is more than 5 degrees due to the mold draft, and a 0.5mm deep inverted buckle pattern is designed on the movable mold side, so the mold ejection and ejection are smooth and the movements of the various mechanisms are smooth. The mold is safe, stable and reliable, and the mold does not have the phenomenon of sticking the mold. The problem of sticking molds of such plastic parts has been solved successfully. After the mold trial production of this model, the loading effect is good and the dimensions are stable. The redesigned headlights auto show has been recognized and praised by customers, and has created certain economic benefits for customers.
Automotive Headlight Reflector Mold Technology Summary
For the automotive lamp reflector mold, the main design points are:
(1) Special injection molding process equipment is required, and injection molding machines that specialize in producing BMC plastics are used. The requirements for injection molding equipment are very strict.
(2) BMC materials are special hard plastics. The design of the heating system and the parting surface design discharge system are required in the mold design. The molded parts must be quenched to improve the wear resistance and die life.
(3) The plastic parts of reflectors are devices that prevent direct light from being reflected on the lights of cars and prevent the direct lighting of the lights. The light distribution requirements are strict. Plastic parts are the most important appearance parts for automobiles. There are many patterns on the surface of plastic parts to make them look beautiful.
(4) The mold design of the BMC material should be balanced in the ejector system, and the pusher specifications should be designed as large as possible, and the number should be as large as possible, otherwise it would cause difficulty in demolding the plastic parts.
(5) Because the draft of the high-light plating part is too small, it will cause difficulty in demoulding. Therefore, the draft angle of the side wall of the reflector part is designed to be as large as possible, and it is generally recommended to be 5?? to 10??. Of course, the premise is that it cannot affect the function and shape of plastic parts.
(6) Plastic parts must not have sharp corners, and all corners must be designed with rounded corners because the molded parts of the mold are susceptible to stress cracking after quenching.
(7) Note that the holes of the left and right reflectors and the surface of the plastic parts are shifted from side to side, and cannot be designed as mirror symmetry. Because the bulb and the lamp head are not separated, the rest of the features are mirror symmetrical.
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4. mold cooling using circulating water, effectively improve the product out of mold efficiency.
5. Post-processing: Nitriding, polishing.
6. Die life: designed according to customer requirements.
7. Mold production process: review plans – preparation – primary processing – finishing – inspection – assembly – collision mode – test mode – production.


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