Automotive Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing

Automotive Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing
(1) It can reduce the effect of residual stress on machining distortion.
(2) Improve machining accuracy and surface quality.
(3) Improve production efficiency.



Brief Introduction

The aluminum alloy part processing process can separate the rough and finish machining. After the rough machining is completed, the parts are heat treated, the part’s cutting stress and residual stress are fully released, and then the finish machining is performed. The processing quality of the (spiking technology) parts will be obtained.

Advantages of the Processing:

(1) It can reduce the effect of residual stress on machining distortion. After the roughing is completed, it is recommended that heat treatment be used to remove the stress caused by the roughing of the part, which can reduce the influence of stress on the quality of the finishing process.

(2) Improve machining accuracy and surface quality. After the rough and finish machining are separated, the finishing machining is only processing a small margin, resulting in less processing stress and deformation, and can greatly improve the quality of the parts.

(3) Improve production efficiency. Since rough machining removes only excess material and leaves a sufficient margin for finishing, it does not take into account size and tolerances, effectively exerting the performance of different types of machine tools and improving cutting efficiency.

Aluminum Alloy Parts Features

1.Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and are able to possess a wide-range of characteristics.

2.They can produce near-net-shape parts with a controlled surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and complex geometries.

3.They create lightweight parts that are still extremely strong and hard.

4.Aluminum alloy castings can withstand the highest operating temperatures when compared to any other cast alloy.

5.These castings possess outstanding corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, EMI and RFI shielding properties, and are fully recyclable.

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