Computer Plastic Shell Product Processing Customization

Essai provides plastic parts for desktop computers, as well as plastic part molds for laptops and plastic parts processing. For example, computer shell, computer mouse, computer keyboard and so on!



Plastic processing service
10 years of experience in the plastic mold industry, refining exquisite craftsmanship, manufacturing quality molds, detail quality.
High-quality mold steel, manufacturing long-life plastic mold, product quality more secure.
The integration of mold design into plastic product processing and production eliminates the need for you to find multiple suppliers.
Strict quality control system, international business cooperation experience, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Your computer’s plastic products from design to raw material procurement, production processes, finished product inspections, etc., are performed in accordance with international standards.
Regarding the dimensions and tolerances, they are communicated with each other and the final design draft is marked as.
If you do not see the plastic product you want to purchase, you can send us the drawing or picture. We will formulate the manufacturing processing plan for you based on the information you provided and estimate the reasonable cost for you. Welcome to Essai.


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