Custom Home Appliance Plastic Mould

Commitment to give you a detailed description of the price and product information in the shortest possible time; Commitment to tailor the products you need for home appliances plastic molds in the shortest possible time.



Business Processes: Quotation–Consultation and discussion–Signed sales contract–Payment deposit (50% deposit)–Check product model–Mold design–Mold processing–Mold process–Try mold–Mold modification– Settlement (50% balance) — delivery.
Mould flow: review plan — preparation — processing — mold processing — core processing — electrode processing — mold parts processing — test — assembly — test mode–fly mode —produce.
Processing equipment: high-speed milling, CNC milling, carved, EDM, wire cutting, drilling, grinding machines, milling machines, CNC machining centers.
Processing capacity: mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding processing
Mold material: 2343, H13, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316, S136 and many other materials for your choice, mold base: 45# pre-hardened> 30 HRC
Cooling system: Optimize the design of circulating water, increase production efficiency, and reduce your costs.
Mid-term treatment: tempering, improve hardness.
Post-processing: Nitriding (Nitriding process temperature is low, deformation is very small, no longer need to be quenched to have a high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance).
Die life: P20 normal use of not less than 500,000 molds, 718 normal use of not less than 1 million molds.
Mode of transport: Before the mold is shipped, it must be equipped with a locking film, with strong packaging, anti-rust, and logistics transportation.
After-sales service: 1 year mold warranty, free maintenance during the warranty period (non-human damage).


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