Custom Plastic Car Parts

We are a plastic product moulding and processing factory, which provides customers with moulds for moulding of plastic products on automobiles and custom processing of automotive plastic products.



Plastics are now increasingly used in automobiles. At present, most cars use plastic parts in addition to plastic shells except for the shell; chassis plastic parts generally include engine parts, water tank parts, air conditioning parts, and air filter parts. , A variety of water bottles, etc.; interior plastic parts generally include dashboard accessories, seat accessories, floor accessories, roof accessories, lever accessories, steering wheel accessories, door trim, mirrors, and a variety of snaps and fixtures; Appearance of plastic parts have front and rear lights, air intake grille, mudguards, mirror.
Essai has ten years of experience in the manufacture of plastic molds and injection molding of plastic products. There are 60 injection molding machines to ensure the customer’s output.Our cooperation process.
A. Provide your design drawings
B. Mold design
C. Sample proofing
D. Mass production
If you are looking for a mold factory that can customize the plastic car parts for you, please contact us.


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