Kinds Of Metal Stamping

Kinds of Metal Stamping

  1. The parts are light in weight and good in rigidity
  2. The stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy and good interchangeability
  3. It has a good surface quality and a smooth and beautiful appearance.


Kinds of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which a metal stamping die or a series of metal stamping dies are used to form a sheet metal into a three-dimensionally shaped workpiece. Our metal stamping products are used in various industries such as automobiles and household appliances. Automotive stampings are an important part of the metal stamping industry. Metal stamping can form sheet metal very efficiently. The metal stamping die is mounted on a press, and each stroke of the press forms a workpiece.

Product Description

1.Full set of advanced equipment such as Precision laser cutting machines,machining centers,CNC punching,folding,cutting machines

2.Specification of auto accessories: Depends on your drawing or samples

3.Surface treatments:galvanization(zinc,copper,nickel,chromium),hot dip galvanized,the static electricity spurting,painting,the electrophoresis and silk-screen printing.

Product Features

(1) The metal stamping parts are manufactured by stamping under the premise of low material consumption, the parts are light in weight and good in rigidity, and after the sheet material is plastically deformed, the internal structure of the metal is improved, and the stamping part strength is improved. has seen an increase.

(2) The stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy, uniform size with the same modular parts, and good interchangeability. General assembly and use requirements are met without further machining.

(3) In the stamping process, since the surface of the material is not damaged, it has a good surface quality and a smooth and beautiful appearance, which provides convenient conditions for surface painting, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatment.

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