Motorcycle Parts Stamping

Motorcycle Parts Stamping
– Material: Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless Steel, 45#, POM, etc.
– Specifications: M1.0-M300 can be
– Processing method: sample, incoming materials, drawings, any method



Motorcycle Parts Stamping Introduction

The motorcycle parts stamping parts are the units constituting the entire motorcycle and the stamping parts serving the same. The processing of stamping parts is by means of the power of conventional or special stamping equipment, the sheet material is directly subjected to deformation force in the mold and deformed, thereby obtaining the production technology of the product parts of a certain shape, size and performance. Sheets, molds and equipment are the three elements of stamping.

Stamping parts should have good craftsmanship and economy. The important signs to measure their level include the number of stamping parts, the number and size of the parts of the body assembly, and the structure of stamping parts. Reducing the number of steps in the stamping process means reducing the number of stampings, saving the number of tooling, simplifying the conveying device for the stamping process, and reducing the number of operators and stamping area. This is an excellent measure for saving investment and energy consumption.

Product Basic Information

1. Material: Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless Steel, 45#, POM, etc.

2. Specifications: M1.0-M300 can be

3. Surface treatment: Iron, aluminum and copper parts are oxidized, electroplated, quenched and hardened, anodized, chrome plated, nickel plated, galvanized (black zinc), blackened, electropolished, passivated, plated Titanium, dusting, electrophoresis, stainless steel color or brushed polished.

4. Tolerance: Outer diameter tolerance +/-0.05mm

Length tolerance +/-0.05 mm

Thread can pass check

5. Processing accuracy: The dimensional tolerance can reach ±0.01MM; One-time processing concentricity ⊙0.005MM; One-time processing parallelism ∥0.01MM; Unilateral verticality ⊥0.01MM

6. Processing method: sample, incoming materials, drawings, any method

Product Features

1.Customized Design

2.Small Order Allowed

3.Sample Product Available

4.Competitive Price due to factory direct supply

Stamping Accessories Advantages

(1) In the process of press forming, it is possible to quickly change the combined mold to improve the production efficiency;

(2) Since there is a tape feeding and correcting device, it is possible to save the need for a separate feeding and feeding

We have cooperated with several motorcycle companies to process their motorcycle stamping parts on behalf of them! If you are interested in speaking your request or providing your design drawings, we will help you complete the molding of your motorcycle stamping accessories.

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