Several Common Accessories For The Connection Of Aluminum Profiles

Industrial aluminum profiles to achieve docking connection between the main profiles, there are three kinds of appearance styles: 1, 90 Right angle butt 2, 180 angle Butt docking 3, arbitrary angles butt.

First introduces several kinds of industrial aluminum parts which can realize 90 docking:
1, corner slot connector
For the right angle connection of two profiles, the two ends of the profile are inserted into the profile groove pits.
2, the built-in connection piece
When the profile cross connection or right angle connection, the assembly must be in the profile specified size position of the installation process hole, the piece into the process hole, while the elastic nut block into another section of the groove, and then lock bolts.
3. Internal connection Parts
When the profile cross or right angle is connected, the assembly must be installed in the profile of the specified size position of the process hole, put the piece into the process hole, while the T-type head into another section of the trough, the T-shaped head of the cylinder into the center of the profile, locking the direction of 90 and 180
4. Fast Connecting Parts

Then is the realization of 180 docking industrial Aluminum Accessories:
Slot Connection
It is used for a straight line length connection between two profiles, which is inserted into a groove pit at the butt of two profiles and then locked with a screw.

Finally, the realization of any corner connection accessories:
1. Bevel Connecting piece
Used for two-bar 90 bevel connection, when installed, it is hidden inside the profile.
2. Movable hinge

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