The Application Of Die Casting In Automobile

  The Application of Die Casting in Automobile

  Die casting market, the share of the automotive industry share is extremely impressive, according to statistics: despite the different industrial structure of the country, the share of the automobile industry is not the same, but the proportion of the total can always be among the best. From the late 20th century to the early 21st century, the total amount of die castings for the automotive industry accounted for about 48 to 80%. For example: Australia accounted for 80%, Japan accounted for 79%, Spain 65%, China 64.5% (including cars and motorcycles), Germany 61%, India 60%, Canada 49%, the United States 48% and so on. According to recent reports, the proportion of the United States has risen to about 75%. The automotive industry has a huge share of die castings, which shows its importance in the die-casting industry. In terms of China, in recent years this proportion is maintained between 65 to 75% (including cars, motorcycles and other means of transport), the car part of the view, this ratio also shows a substantial increase year by year trend.

  As for the amount of die castings used in each vehicle, it is reported that, in the early 1980s, the weight of each vehicle is usually averaged (due to different vehicles) in the range of 1315 to 1542 kg For comparison), then decreased year by year. If the amount of aluminum alloy cast in each car, it is gradually increased, in 1980 the average annual car 34Kg, 1990 68kg, by 2000 has increased by 111.3kg, is expected in 2009 will reach 157kg, of which aluminum Die casting accounted for more than 65% of all aluminum castings.

  In addition, the car in addition to aluminum alloy die casting, but also the use of zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy die castings, thus, the amount of each car in the casting can be imagined. The die-casting industry is closely related to the automobile industry

  Looking back at the history of the development of the automobile industry in the world, the use of die-cast parts, especially complex, large and important parts, is often regarded as a major research topic in the design and application of various parts and components. This not only shows the die-casting industry in this irreplaceable, but also highlights the development of die-casting industry is largely based on the automotive industry as the basis. In other words, the die-casting industry is one of the important supporting industries in the automotive industry.

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