The Hidden Worry Of Metal Stamping Parts Processing Business

China in the real mold metal stamping parts on the road, there are a variety of current situation needs to be changed, which involves the development of metal stamping parts industry, such as product quality, standardization level, talent supply and demand, product structure, innovation ability, the relationship between enterprises, as well as overseas market development. The first is to improve the quality of products.

At present, the processing conditions of automatic lathe parts are uneven, which seriously affect the accuracy and quality of automatic lathe parts. For example, precision heat treatment, metal stamping parts of the different materials make the domestic mold in the appearance of quality and service life difficult to compete with foreign products. Domestic molds used 2cr13 and 3cr13, while the foreign use of special mold materials, its comprehensive mechanical properties, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and polished brightness more superior.

Second, the level of standardization needs to be improved. China mold (standard pin) standardization work started late, standard parts production, sales, promotion and application work is relatively backward, the current mold standard parts (middle gauge pins) The use of coverage of about 40, while the international generally higher than 79%, small and medium-sized molds are more than 80%.

Metal stamping parts processing personnel to seek far more than the plight of the need to change. Metal stamping parts processing personnel training itself is a long-term process, and requires the accumulation of years of experience. and limited by the conditions of hardware and software facilities, some colleges and universities to cultivate professional students the actual skills are not enough;

We need to redouble our efforts to speed up the structural adjustment of the power supply pins. The overall direction of development will still be to achieve large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold and mold parts development speed than the overall speed of the industry, continue to expand the proportion of plastic metal stamping, the expansion of professional die casting mold manufacturers and capacity.

Increase investment to strengthen innovation. Backbone enterprises are necessary to align from the mold roughing, heat treatment to a variety of American regulation pins, Australian regulation pins, Korean regulation pins and the British gauge pins, and other hardware pins, the general enterprise should also have CNC processing equipment, to achieve automatic mold manufacturing. and through the promotion of research and production cooperation to strengthen innovation.

It is a trend to promote the joint reorganization among mould enterprises. This is mainly to take into account the current mold enterprises in a considerable part of the private enterprises, the objective existence of advanced molding technology and equipment difficult to import problems, which undoubtedly exacerbated in the middle and low market competition.

Overseas market development needs to be deepened. In Australia, for example, the country’s demand for stamping die, China can use its own in this area of equipment advantages, and further develop the Spring Factory international market.

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