What Is The Development Direction Of Metal Stamping Parts?

Soon, 1 precision stamping parts will be listed. With the improvement of the miniaturization and the precision of the parts, the tolerances on the machining accuracy of some automatic lathe parts require the following 1, it’s going to be the development of ultra-fine processing Dongguan shenzhen metal stamping parts processing industry to further develop multi-functional composite mold, a multi-function metal stamping die in addition to stamping parts, but also bear laminated pressure, tapping, riveting and locking and other assembly tasks. Through this multi-functional mold production is no longer a mass of parts, but a batch of components, such as the power pin components, a variety of micro-motor, electrical and instrumentation of the iron core components. Multi-color and multi-material plastic forming mold will also have a faster development. This mold shortens the production cycle of the product and will be developed and applied in different fields in the future.

With the increasing popularization and application of hot runner technology, the proportion of hot runner mould in plastic mould will be gradually improved. The use of hot runner technology mold can improve the productivity and quality of the workpiece, and can greatly save the raw materials, the application of this technology in foreign development is very common. Domestic heat flow mold has also been produced, some enterprises have reached 30% or so, but overall, the proportion is too low to be developed. With the continuous improvement and development of the plastic forming process, the mould of gas-assisted mould and the mold for high pressure injection molding will be developed.

Stamping die mold industry in the proportion of diecasting die will continue to improve. With the development of vehicle and motor, the quantity, life and complexity of die-casting mould will be demanded. With the development of plastic steel, plastic generation of wood and product parts of the precision and complexity of continuous improvement, the proportion of plastic mold will continue to improve, its accuracy and complexity will also be improved.

The application of Die standard parts will be more and more extensive, mold standardization and die standard parts application can greatly affect the mold manufacturing cycle. The use of mold standard parts can not only shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also improve the mold quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs. At the same time, the prospect of rapid economic tooling is very broad. Because people require that the production cycle of mold is shorter and better, so the development of rapid economic mold more and more people pay attention to. For example, the development of a variety of superplastic materials to make molds, with epoxy, polyester or in which the filler metal, glass and other reinforcement to make a simple mold.

This kind of mold manufacture craft is simple, the precision is easy to control, the shrinkage rate is small, the price is cheap, the life is high. It can also be used to make automobile panel moulds. Medium and low melting point alloy mold, spraying molding mold, electroforming mould, die casting, lamination mold, ceramic blister mold and light modelling and the use of heat hardening rubber rapid manufacturing low-cost molds and other rapid economic mold will be further developed. Quick-die Racks, fast-changing first-class will also be increasingly developed. In addition, computer control and manipulator operation of the fast-changing device, rapid test-mode device technology will also be developed and improved.

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