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CNC Machining Parts and benefits


CNC Machining Parts and Advantages

usinagem CNC is very expensive, but many factors contribute to the profitability of these machines. However, before we talk about what makes them so expensive, we should understand what usinagem CNC is all about.

When the movement of tools and factory machines is performed using pre-programmed computer software during a manufacturing process, we call this usinagem CNC .

This process can control a large number of complex machines such as grinders, lathes, mills and milling machines. Three-dimensional cutting facilitates the use of CNC machines and that very quickly.

As the name “Computer Numerical Control” or CNC suggests, the ownership of manual labor is reduced. However, this new technology requires an operator to power the jobs.

The CNC system looks like a normal computer, but the programs that offer it are different from the others.

However, this is CNC machined if the cost problem shown in the image may be different. The cost of the parts depends on several factors regardless of where you work.

Let’s look at these factors

1) The number of pieces

The number of pieces ordered in a shipment actually reflects the total cost. The reason is that large orders are more expensive, but if you have a larger number, the price for each additional unit will decrease.

It can be understood that the higher the order, the higher the final costs, but the lower the unit costs.

Another important factor is the processing time, in this case the time it takes to ship the parts. The cost of the pieces shipped in a few weeks would be cheaper than one or two days.

2) Selection of materials

The material selected in the machine parts affects the cost in two ways:

Raw material costs

Machinability costs of materials

Raw material costs vary from material to material, some of the material is more expensive than another. On the other hand, some materials are difficult to manufacture compared to other materials.

A material is more expensive if its mechanization is less. If the material is hazardous, production costs continue to take into account safety measures.

The most common types of material are:

a) Metals - brass, copper alloys, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, steel and titanium

b) Plastics: PVC, Delrin, extruded nylon, acrylic and polyethylene

3) Equipment needed for manufacturing

The equipment used today is different and expensive. You should be aware that a part can be finished with a multi-axis machine or that you need more than one.

Knowledge of the requirements of different types of machines is also required.

The capacity and shape size of the required equipment are also added to the factors that reflect the total cost.

4) Parts geometry / parts geometry

The dimensions of a part are called the geometry of the piece. If the part is larger, there will be more manufacturing costs because you will need more material. In addition to large parts, complex and detailed parts also increase costs.

This is because more complex processes accumulate.

When the machine is in the design stage, it is easy to design expensive parts. Therefore, contact a well-trained manufacturer to manufacture functional and efficient parts.

5) tolerance

The tolerance of a part is its physical proximity to the deposited design.

The measurement is made in hundredths or thousandths of an inch. The total cost increases if the part has a tight tolerance due to complexity or needs.

The side from which the piece is connected to the others should be reserved for close tolerance.

6) labor costs

Some machinists are involved in the manufacture of a part and should be paid for their efforts. If it is a complex or difficult part of a top qualified machinist, it is the cost of production.

These experts learn primarily from their work experience and not from college. The more work you need to do a part, the higher the production costs.


Rotary cutters are used during machining or milling to shape the material for the benefit of the user. This process successfully removes materials to make the important part. There are many machining operations available, some of which supply larger parts and others smaller parts for a large production process. Machining is very popular among various industrial processes and is often used. Virtually all industries are needed because there are likely to be multiple parties.

Various types of machines are available for processing. However, usinagem CNC is one of the most important processes. Computer Numerical Control or CNC includes a computer to control the operation of the milling device. This application is simple and can remove material with a single axis. It is usually done for engraving and coloring. The CNC machining center for windows and doors includes other tools, including the bull nose cutter. When these tools are used in this process, the accuracy of the milling device can be improved and you can easily maintain the working speed at the same time.

As explained above, some of the CNC precision machining devices operate beyond a single axis. This gives you more control over the milling process and more dynamics in the finished product. The multi-axis machine is one of the most advanced machining systems. This machine has multiple access controls to unlock the horizontally mounted part that can be machined and rotated from different angles. In this way, the CNC processing device can be made more dynamic and the end user can give more control.

One of the important advantages of usinagem CNC is the fact that a product is made that is very good as what we can get as a human being. The software used to operate these machines can be easily upgraded to meet all the requirements of the final product. In this way, a superior product can also save human labor for manufacturing. Therefore, the cost can be reduced.


To ensure a smooth production process, please do not hesitate to contact us - ESSAI INDUSTRIES: A CNC machining service provider , which has been offering these services for years. Many of these service providers offer a detailed overview of their services on their online websites. You can check on their websites what processing services these providers offer and what are the prices that apply to the various services. It is always advisable to search different online sites of these CNC machining service providers to take a look at the different price ranges and the different levels of service they offer. Once you’ve listed a few names, choose the name that best suits your needs and at the right prices. Care must be taken when choosing a CNC machining service provider to avoid future remorse.

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