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Vacuum casting

The complex mold is a kind of rapid prototyping of the prototype. The original template is used to make a silicone mold in a vacuum state, and the PU material is used for pouring in a vacuum state, thereby cloning the same copy of the original template. It is especially suitable for small batch trial production of 10~100pcs, with short delivery time, high precision and low price. Can be applied to the following


ABS-(Natural / Black / Flame Retardant/)

    • PC / Polycarbonate-(Clear / Black)
    • ABS+PC-(Clear / Black)
    • PMMA / Acrylic- (Clear / Black)
    • PA/Nylon-(Natural / Black / 30%GF)
    • PP / Polypropylene-(Natural / Black / 20% GF)
    • POM / Acetal / Delrin-(Black / White)
    • PVC/ Polyvinyl chloride (White/Gray)


Machining accuracy: ±0.2mm/100mm

Pouring sample thickness: minimum 0.5 mm, best 1.5 mm-5 mm, maximum overall molding size 1900 x 900 x 750 mm

Vacuum complex mold is the most ideal way of small batch rapid manufacturing:

1. No need to invest in high initial cost to make molds.
2. The degree of mold reproduction is high, and the surface details of the product are excellent. Only a small amount or no post-processing is required.
3. Many different molding polymer materials are available for selection, and the required colors can be blended according to requirements.
4. After the prototype is made, the mold can be completed within a few days.
5. Mould strength can meet 50 productions.
6. The encapsulation makes plastics of different materials and hardnesses integrally formed.

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