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What is complete process of metal stampings?


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Types and methods of modern metal stamping

Firstly, metal stampings is a controlled deformation process in which a body changes its shape under the influence of excess pressure.

Thanks to this processing, metal products are given a wide variety of forms that they need to fulfill their functional duties. Parts of small thickness lend themselves to stamping, since it is very problematic to bend thick products.


There are two types of metal stamping: cold and hot. The first option involves processing the work piece without preheating it.

Metal stampings method is cheaper in terms of industrial production, since it does not require energy to bring the metal to a certain temperature. In this way, mainly thin sheets are processed, which are well affected even without heating.

The sheet metal cold forming process divides into several stages, each of which plays an important role in obtaining the final result.

At the initial stage

A compaction process performs, which reduces the ductility of the metal so that the product better holds the shape obtained as a result of stamping. Technologically, the process is a pressing of a metal blank under high pressure.

At the second stage

Products are annealed at temperatures of 550-620 degrees Celsius in special furnaces. This makes it possible to carry out the procedure of recrystallization of the metal lattice and the introduction of carbon atoms into it at the molecular level, which can significantly increase the strength of the metal.

The annealing time depends on the composition of the alloy and the dimensions of the work pieces. When the preparation is over, the product is sent to a cold metal stampings press, which will give it the desired shape.

The procedure method takes how many times?

In terms of time, the procedure takes a few seconds and does not require human intervention. The presses use special dies made of hard grades of steel, less often of other alloys. They design for long-term operation, during which they retain their original shape to the nearest millimeter.

This is very important, since metal stampings cold stamps for specific needs, and deviations in the shape of the finished product are unacceptable, as this can lead to mismatches with other parts.

This method is harmless to the operating personnel, since they do not have to be in an area with high temperatures. In addition, the absence of the need for preheating makes it quite easy to automate the workflow.


Hot metal stampings allows you to process thicker work pieces, since in a hot alloy intermolecular bonds are much weaker, and it lends itself better to bending. Before starting the procedure, metal products go through the same preparatory stages as in the case of cold stamping.

But metal stamping equipment is already significantly different. It consists of two main parts:


A furnace and a press 

The furnace is good to use to preheat the work piece to the red heat temperature. In this form, the alloy lends itself well to physical impact and at the same time there is no risk of burnout.

To create optimal conditions inside the furnace, modern machines equip with a high-precision automated control system. It only requires setting the initial parameters, which depend on the type of work piece.

Hot metal stamping is made from?

The computer will take care of the rest. Hot metal stampings presses are made from hard, high-alloy steel grades that undergo additional processing to increase resistance to thermal stress.
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They must withstand a certain number of technological operations without losing their original characteristics, so it is very important to use the highest quality material for their production.

Hot metal stampings requires the direct participation of a person in the production process. The work piece cools quickly under normal conditions, so it must quickly deliver from the furnace to the metal stamping machine.

This is done by a worker who, with the help of blacksmith tongs, transfers the product to the right place.

Subject to the galvanizing procedure

Working in an environment with a constantly high temperature regime negatively affects the body, so it is necessary to correctly calculate the duration of shifts in order to minimize the harmful effects of conditions on workers.

Process automation also faces great difficulties and requires high costs, so it is practically not good to use anywhere.

No additional equipment is good to use to cool the parts, they cool down naturally. In most cases, after metal stampings, no additional processing of parts requires. The exception is products for the automotive industry. Sometimes when stamping sheet metal, it becomes necessary to cut off excess elements. For this, a special machine with a high-precision cutter is good to use.


In addition to the two listed methods, there is another one that is good to use much less frequently. It implies liquid metal stampings of metal or so-call pressure casting, when the alloy pours into a closed die in a liquid state, and the final formation of the product takes place already in solid form.

This makes it possible to obtain ideally shaped parts with improved mechanical properties. The high cost and complexity of the technological process prevent the widespread use of the method at this stage.

Metal stamping equipment

Metal stampings technology is good to use to produce a wide range of products for various industries. In this way, car body parts, various panels and finishing materials, housings for household appliances obtain.

Stamping is one of the oldest methods of metal processing that survives to this day. The technology change, but the principle remains the same as many years ago.

With the help of volumetric Metal stampings, products of the most diverse shapes obtain. These are special corners that are good to use in anchor bolting, and various elements for equipment, and parts good to use in the manufacture of devices, assemblies and assemblies for all industries.


Metal stampings products allow you to get a part of almost any shape, which cannot achieve with other types of processing. This has been successfully good to use in steel mills. It can quickly adapt to new market needs. You just need to make a stamp of the required shape and you can start producing new products.

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