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What are most common metal stamping tools in 2021?


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Metal turning remains one of the most demanded services for metalworking companies. The main purpose of metal stamping tools is to obtain a part of the desired size and shape.

Thus, nuts, bolts, bushings, couplings, gears, washers, and many more irreplaceable parts in mechanisms is easy to make. Since their replacement is important quite often, and the dimensions can be non-standard, custom-made work is widely common.

What will be the principle of metal stamping tools on metal to order?

The principle of turning works is as follows:

The metal workpiece is rotated on the machine, and with the help of a cutting tool, a layer of material removes from it to give it the desired shape. The types of processing on the machine include not only cutting, but also facing, processing of tapered surfaces, and all types of threading.

In addition, with the help of the machine, you can chamfer, cut grooves.

Why experience and great precision is essential for metal stamping tools? 

The operator working for metal stamping tools with the machine requires both experience and great precision in the operations performed. The slightest deviation from the dimensions indicated in the drawing will lead to the un-usability of the part.

That is why it is important to know where to order turning work so that they are performed as efficiently as possible.

Where you should have to order metal stamping tools?

Many metalworking enterprises are ready to offer their services, but not all of them can ensure the proper speed and quality of order fulfillment. We use only the most modern and perfect equipment with software control, which allows specialists to ensure maximum accuracy and quality of order execution.

On the company's website, you can find a detailed list of custom-made metal stamping tools made in both standard and custom sizes. You can also leave a request, indicating in it the quantity, dimensions of parts, and the term of the order.

Where are cold metal stamping tools applied?

Cold stamping of metal is one of the most common industrial processing methods for metal tools. Due to its high productivity, this method is widely common in machine tools and instrument making; we can do it without it when creating cars, tractors, airplanes, etc. What explains its wide popularity?

What is the cold stamping method for metal stamping tools?

Stamping is the processing of metal with high pressure. Moreover, due to the softness and plasticity of this material, you can get a part of almost any shape. This method is often common to create fasteners;

  • screws,
  • rivets,
  • bolts,

It is also common if you need to manufacture gears and other items that require high accuracy, as well as balls, rollers, bearing rings.

Since this operation does not heat up the workpiece, stamping for metal stamping tools is quick and safe for personnel. The method requires little labor, which explains the low cost of parts.

You can buy stamping at any enterprise professionally engaged in metal processing.

Here are some additional benefits of cold forming

Cold forming is one of the most convenient ways to produce small parts. It has several advantages at once over other forms of metalworking: very low material consumption, high accuracy, and durability of the manufactured parts.


The product acquires increased strength since the metal is compacted during stamping. The surface is smooth, almost requiring no additional processing.

Is cold stamping of metal stamping tools is convenient?

Cold stamping is convenient where a large batch of identical parts is required in a short time.

Modern metal stamping tools guarantee exact adherence to the drawings, which means that not a single part will be defective.

The resulting workpiece is easily subjected to further processing, whether it is milling, drilling, welding, grinding.
metal stamping tools 2021

How is the turning of metal stamping tools done?

Turning and milling services have been common in metalworking for a very long time, as these are fairly easy ways to give the workpiece the desired size and shape. In production, they are common both together and separately, using special machines.

CNC turning and milling operations allow almost completely automating the process in order to reduce the risk of inaccuracies.

What does the process of lathe allow?

Processing of parts on a lathe allows you to get a variety of parts of bodies of revolution: nuts, bushings, flanges, rings. A thin layer of metal is removed from the rotating workpiece using a special cutter, which is called an allowance.

Cutters of various types of metal stamping tools help to perform not only the actual turning but also threading, grooving, drilling, countersinking, cutting ends, rolling corrugations.

Turning is divided into roughing and finishing. In the first case, the surface is rough, since more chips remove. Finishing, on the other hand, involves obtaining a smooth and even surface, which is then additionally sanded.

Why Modern machines require highly qualified specialists

Modern machines require extremely professional control and complex settings, therefore only highly qualified specialists work on them. In our company, you can order the manufacture of parts of any complexity, starting with the development of drawings.

Is it possible to use aluminum and copper alloys for metal stamping tools?

Basically, the manufacture of dies for cold stamping of metal stamping tools develops from alloy or high-carbon steel. It is also possible to use aluminum and copper alloys. Similarly, the following types of operations are easy to perform using the dies produced:

  1. Separating operations for metal stamping:
  • Moreover, Piercing.
  • Similarly, Cut.
  • Cutting down.
  1. Form-changing operations for metal stamping:
  • In addition, embossed chasing.
  • Embossed molding.
  • Thinning hood.


Hence, for the manufacture of products, both one type of stamping and a complex of several complementary treatments are easy to use. After the cold forming process, finished products can undergo additional processing to improve the quality of the finished product.

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