metal toolingEssai provides extensive manufacturing partner network for a variety of products including tooling manufacturing, injection molding, die casting, sheet metal

rapid prototypeEssai has four major production factories located in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Offer an extensive CNC prototyping service producing a vast array

Essai now offers an extensive manufacturing facility for the production of a wide variety of plastic & metal parts by means of injection moulding and tooling…

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Get a custom molding or rapid Prototype quote in less than 10 minutes from Essai professional team. Simply email us the 3D CAD design of your part and specify quantity, material and other options. As soon as you click the “Get A Free Quote” button, you’ll have your quote in less than 10 minutes!

About Essai

Essai Industries Co.,Ltd is a professional plastic injection molding, rapid prototype, die casting, CNC machining factory, manufacturer, supplier in China with more than 13 years’ experience. We can handle most plastic parts, metal parts by means of injection molding and tooling, die casting and tooling, sheet metal stamping & laser cutting, CNC machining, metal injection molding, plastic and metal extrusion, fabrication, assembly, painting, 3d printing, anodising, chrome plating and vacuum metalisation. Our parts and service suitable for a wide range of industries inlcuding: automobile, health care, medical, lighting, consumer electronics etc.


The basic structure of injection mold

The structure of the injection mold is determined by the form of the injection machine and the complexity of the parts. During injection, the moving mold and the fixed mold are closed to form the cavity and the casting system and when mold opening,…

How to calculate the injection molding cycle?

The injection cycle of an oil pressure drove injection molding machine refers to the period from the beginning of mold closing to the end of the next mold closing. Injection molding is a cyclic process. The molding cycle is mainly composed of…

What’s is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming (plastic uptake) is a kind of hot forming plastic processing technology. Its principle is that heating the flat plastic sheet and make it soft and then adsorption on the surface of the mold with vacuum, molding after cooling. Although…

Why hot runner system is popular in molding?

According to the different casting system, the mold can be divided into: large nozzle mold, fine nozzle mold, hot runner mold. The hot runner mold is located in one or more hot runner plates with constant temperature and the hot runner mouth…

I have had the privilege of working with Essai for 6 years from which I have gained experience and skills. They are an expert in prototyping and rapid manufacturing. As a creative thinker, with a can-do attitude, Jason is a pleasure to work with. Always very positive and always willing to help find quick solutions to any problem.

Sarah Waqas

I had the pleasure to work with ESSAI closely in a complex metal product development.The engineering team had successfully led his group to tangible achievements On Time, in this unique elegant and pleasant way.

Luis Guzman

I’ve worked with ESSAI for several years while I served in several company. Their team has great personality and is very experienced and knowledgeable. Jason was very cooperative, professional and detail oriented. I would recommend Jason for mechanical engineering consultation in China.

Diane Caurso

Jason is a very good professional in all aspects of his performance. On the technical side, he has the product interests as his main guide line, making sure to contribute the best of his knowledge and efforts to the task ahead. On the personal side, he is a great co-worker creating an enjoyable work environment around himself.

John Doe

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