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After each sample test, we will send the test report to the customer

Our rigorous and professional quality engineers use sophisticated testing equipment to ensure the quality of the mold and product quality; every link, every process is strictly implemented in accordance with the processing drawings, and there will be special quality personnel to conduct inspections, and no defective products are allowed Flowing into the next link, we are talking with data, so it will not cause unnecessary waste to ensure the delivery time of customers.

Our quality department is staffed with customer-focused, detail-oriented, experienced personnel that will monitor each step in the process to ensure your parts meet the specifications you demand. We will provide you with all the quality documents, certifications, and inspection reports you or our customers require.

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We work with a vast number of ISO 9001-certified Manufacturing Partners. ISO certifications need to be requested before placing an order.


Our Design Verification Program is a premium First Article Inspection. This is a standard procedure for all Injection Molding orders, and is available on re- quest for CNC machining orders.

After Sales Service

If your order does not meet the specifi- cations, you can feedback to us within 5 working days after receiving the part We will resolve these issues as soon as possible within 1—3 business days.


We have the latest in State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have some of the most advanced equipment to meet your mold and production needs. Our mold department is equipped with EDM, CNC ma- chining centers. milling machines, grinders and various other equipment. This equipment and advanced engineering software enable us to effi- ciently build the most complex or simplest tools.

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