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7 Advantages of Bending Die in Practical Field


Bending die processing: principle of operation, advantages, application

Bending die of metal is carried out with a laser beam. Compared to conventional light, the laser is directional, monochromatic and coherent. Moreover, these properties provide the most accurate focus on a small metal surface.

Generally, the concentration of energy allows the material to get heat. Furthermore,  gas and solid-state lasers are commonly common.

Bending Die

The first ones are the most optimal in terms of price and quality of work.  The installation is a working table on which a beam with a laser head is attached. The work piece movement system operates on a linear drive. The installation of bending die is under the control of a computer. Furthermore, this works according to the cutting programs embedded in it.

How to work properly and professionally with bending die?

In order for the process to be of high quality, the required cutting width is observed, so that the work takes place strictly in the heat-affected zone, it is important to observe the technological parameters:

  • Generally, repetition frequency, duration of pulses when operating in a pulsed mode;
  • Radiation power and cutting speed;
  • Similarly, diameter of the laser- spot;
  • Furthermore, auxiliary gas pressure.

Each of the above factors affects different materials in different ways. Similarly, it is important to consider whether you are working with stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper or brass, mild steel. The correct bending die will ensure a smooth and smooth bend.

How to choose bending die quality?

One of the most frequently asked questions to me is how to determine the die quality. The main criterion is the degree of surface roughness. As you move deeper into the metal, the quality will decrease. In addition, it is important to monitor oxygen pressure and cutting speed here.

Benefits of bending die metal

At one time, the principle of operation of bending die cutting and the attractiveness of the workflow prompted me to take up this particular cutting method.

Undeniable advantages of bending die technology: 

  • You can cut any materials with different thermo physical properties;
  • With a minimum heat-affected zone, it is easy to get a cut up to 1 mm wide;
  • Parts during processing practically do not deform, therefore, this method of metal processing can be safely applied to products with low rigidity;
  • It is possible to make complex parts of original shapes;
  • Flat and volumetric parts along a complex contour are processed automatically;
  • You can change the shape of the part at any time, which eliminates the need for stamps;
  • Low processing cost, which increases the demand for this bending die

Despite all its advantages, the technology is not at all universal. You should know that you can only achieve an ideal result with steel; the thickness is not more than 6 mm. For metal more than 40 mm thick, this method is generally contraindicated. Plasma or oxygen cutting is common there.

Reasons for the popularity of the bending die method

Based on my own, fortunately, successful, experience, I can say with sovereignty that having mastered bending die, you will never be left without work. This technology is moving forward to a leading position among various bending die processing methods.

Bending Die 2021

Scope of bending die:

  • Shaped cutting of sheet steel;
  • Execution of complex shapes in design (decorative elements, stencils, etc.);
  • Manufacturing of complex parts for commercial equipment;
  • Release of products for the production of advertising products;
  • Use in small-scale production of parts.

For laser technologies, not only the future, but also the present, so it never hurts to master promising, demanded knowledge and skills.

Why is bending die not complete today without milling work? 

This modern and very successful technology has significantly expanded the possibilities of straight and true shape nesting.  Having learned how to deftly operate the machine, you will be able to:

  • Carry out piece and serial orders;
  • Make an accurate and even cut;
  • Give it the desired shape, depth and even make shaped cuts;
  • Work on inclined, vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • To make carved decorative elements.

Choosing a milling and engraving machine for the bending die is directly related to your ambition as a professional. The more advanced a technique is, the more options it has.

How is milling and engraving useful in bending die?

Modern machines are models with CNC and the ability to manufacture products for various purposes. They allow you to carry out complex orders, to do artistic work. The universal machines behave very well, on which you can mill at various angles, in any position and with a variety of tools. To cope with any kind of work, you should use certain types of cutters.

The use of several methods of milling and engraving work on metal will help to get the desired result for bending die. If you move the cutter in the direction of rotation of the work piece, you get a very smooth and clean surface.

In this case, you need to fill your hand, since the work piece can fly out when a large layer of metal is removed. To improve productivity, cut towards the work piece. These techniques are often combined.

How to choose bending die tools?

Of course, everyone wants to achieve maximum results by reducing the cost of the work process. Nothing is impossible.

For example, if you work with end mills, remember that imported counterparts are more expensive. When choosing a tool for bending die, you should pay attention to the pitch of the plates. Each manufacturer places its own price on products, so you should choose carefully.

The quality of milling work is also affected by:

  1. High rigidity of the bed;
  2. Decrease in the power of the machine during finishing work;
  3. The use of a large number of inserts (also for finishing);
  4. Shallow cutting depth (helps to avoid chip problems).


The need of professional bending die company is crucial for long-term projects. That is why in this article we have tried to convey you the modern ways of doing ending projects for metal industry.

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