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What is progressive stamping tool? Step by Step Guide


Progressive stamping tool is the finishing of a work piece. It is necessary to obtain a smooth surface of the part. With the help of grinding, minor defects of previous operations are eliminated.

progressive stamping tool

This process is subdivided into several types:

  • Rough
  • Flat
  • Round grinding
  • Sharpening
  • Polishing

I must say that this process is quite laborious. This requires special tools and abrasives.

Recommendations for completing the surface treatment of metal parts

In every metalworking job, it's important to pay attention to the many things like progressive stamping tool. There are no formulas and axioms for success. In order for the result of the work done to match your idea or the customer's project, I advise you to choose the right materials and type of processing. It will not hurt to practice to fill your hand.

What are the important things to consider while sanding metal parts?

Here are some things to consider when sanding metal parts:

Abrasive type. Coarse-grained materials are common for hard metals, and for soft alloys, analogs with fine grain are suitable.

Grinding type. For example, roughing is necessary to remove rust, dirt and other foreign matter from the metal.

The need for manual processing. This technique gives the metal an aesthetic look with the help of progressive stamping tool. For its implementation, waterproof skins with micro abrasives are common. To make it convenient to manipulate the skin, it is attached to a wooden block.


Specificity of polishing: Usually this super finishing carries out using special wheels and skins. In order for the surface to become completely perfect, you should not neglect powders and pastes.

Why metal grinder is selected more consciously?

The use of a good modern metal grinder ensures a high quality finish. An important selection criterion is the number of possibilities for a particular type of equipment. It is great when the unit allows you to process parts of various shapes, configurations, and sizes.

Moreover, only manual processing progressive stamping tool is indispensable for a professional. For example, products made of hardened steel are ground exclusively on machines.

How to evaluate the result of the progressive stamping tool?

The surface of the work piece or product must be completely smooth: without traces of feed and other defects that can often comes by vibration of the table or vibration of the grinding wheel. After high-quality machine grinding, polishing is no longer necessary. Also, do not remove the finishing shavings.

Useful and simple guidelines for bending reinforcement

Manual bending of rebar is only possible in third-rate Hollywood action films. In reality, this laborious process will require a special machine and a certain qualification. To cope with this task, it is necessary to have knowledge of the characteristics and properties of the starting material.

Moreover, as well as the operator must be able to correctly set up the equipment for progressive stamping tool, know how it works and apply the appropriate bending techniques.

Why modern device are common?

Modern devices make it possible to simplify and mechanize work with metal as much as possible. Rebar bending machines are of various modifications:

  • manual;
  • metal;
  • hydraulic;

They are common for making staples and hinges, billets with a double bend, embedded parts.

Equipment for metal bending: getting started

Learning to operate the machine is not difficult. I will say from my own experience that it is important to follow two rules: follow the instructions and not neglect safety precautions. I present to everyone interested in the success of their work the following recommendations:

  • Make sure you are using the correct set of rollers for the selected rebar thickness
  • Delve into the characteristics of the progressive stamping tool
  • Work only with protective gloves
  • Start by bending one metal bar.
  • Stand in a comfortable position so that you can quickly move away from the equipment
  • When removing the reinforcement, it is important not to hook the pedal.

How to do when a drawing is there?

If you have a drawing in front of you and clearly understand the purpose of all the components of the device, as well as the principle of their operation, then “do it yourself” model can be easily assembled from scrap materials. To do this, you need ordinary channels, steel corners, bolts and nuts.
progressive stamping tool 2021

In order for a homemade manual rebar progressive stamping tool to fulfill its purpose, its strength must exceed the strength of the rods and rods. All fasteners must be absolutely secure. Moving parts must not have any play.

Why is organization of work place important?

The correct organization of the workplace is also important when working with any type of machine. The supply of blanks and storage of finished parts are carried out from opposite sides. It is impossible that there are foreign objects nearby.

Stamping tool is the process of removing a thin layer of shavings using abrasive wheels and skins. The operation has high accuracy; it is the final stage of the part processing. Grinding and polishing processes

How does grinding work?

The abrasive wheel rotates and moves in a specific way relative to the work piece. The result of such progressive stamping tool is a smooth surface without the slightest defects.

Each abrasive wheel has its own grain size. Do not use coarse abrasives when sanding soft metal products. The choice of wheel or pelt is dictated by the type of sanding.

What are the types of grinding?

I will say a few words about the features of each type of grinding.

Rough grinding is common to remove a metal layer containing dirt and rust. Here you need a circle with large grains. The complexity of the process involves the use of power tools.

Surface grinding carries out around the periphery with the end of the wheel.

The round grinding comes with a transverse, longitudinal, axial feed, it can be center.

Special works are common on carved surfaces, when machining shaped parts.

Internal grinding of the holes of the rotating part takes place with a longitudinal or transverse feed; the process can also be center less. When the part is static, planetary feed is important.

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