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What is PVC extrusion: Most Common window Applications in 2021?



In this part, we will touch on the features of the so-called sheet extrusion. For the extrusion of flat sheet products, temperature control, residence time and streamlined flow path are important factors. Sheet and pvc extrusion lines also include cooling and polishing rollers.

What is pvc extrusion?

A general overview of the extrusion tool was given by the experts covering twin strand extrusion, a cost effective tool, as well as flow and cooling simulation and melt homogenization. Profile shaping comes by passing the extrudate. It passes through a series of calibration dies that cool the material through contact with the metal walls of the calibrators.

PVC extrusion

The role of vacuum holes in pvc extrusion

Vacuum holes or grooves are good to use with water cooled walls to enhance and maintain the dimensions of the final product. Alternatively, for a pipe extrudate, the material sizes and then cooled with water by full immersion or spray.

The influence of different cooling media showed a direct relationship between the temperature profile during cooling and deformation.

Pvc extrusion is a particular problem for PVC extrusion because it creates unwanted build-ups during the extrusion process that coat the screws, die, calibrator and other mechanisms.

In addition, the extraction of compounds from the extruder is usually accompanied by additional reactions arising from the ingredients of the composition in combination with processing conditions.

What methods are common in extrusion?

Several analytical methods are common in the study of sheet rolling technology using a specially designed die and calibrator. Moreover, design is also important to form finished products.

In the next part, we will consider such a process for manufacturing PVC products as foam extrusion. And then consider another popular technology, which we know as "injection molding".

How not to be mistaken when choosing ready-made pvc extrusion plastic windows?

The choice of plastic windows is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The principle of "like it or not like it" does not work here, because there are a number of aspects to consider in order not to be mistaken.

A reliable pvc extrusion manufacturer is not the only thing that should play a role in the selection. Finished PVC windows in stores may be of poor quality.

Replacing windows is one of the first stages of a major overhaul. And most often the choice of consumers falls on PVC structures. Ordinary wooden windows are also good in their own way. But the list of advantages of modern plastic windows is much wider.

So that replacing old windows with new ones or just purchasing new windows will bring you only positive emotions, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturing company, ensure high-quality installation of finished products and follow all the rules for their operation. What is so good about plastic windows? Let's name their main advantages.

Thermal insulation and energy saving with PVC extrusion

Windows made of PVC extrusion profiles have excellent thermal insulation properties, which are an order of magnitude higher than that of simple wooden windows, not to mention the usual, "cold" aluminum. Plastic does not conduct heat well, and structures made of it have high dimensional stability and ensure proper tightness.

Of course, not only the profile plays a very important role, but also the translucent filling - the glass unit. Useful bonuses in the form of low-emission glass with silver atoms and an inert gas (argon, krypton) inside the glass unit further reduce heat loss. The experience of using PVC windows shows that replacing old structures with them can reduce heating costs by about a third.


How not to make a mistake when choosing?

The window is not only glass. It consists of several parts, each of which affects the properties of the structure and is important. So that the window is really reliable and provides good heat and sound insulation,

Attention should be paid to three components of pvc extrusion profiles:

  • glass unit,
  • profile,
  • fittings.

Installation is also important, since the service life and performance of functions depend on the correct installation of the window.

The profile must have sufficient rigidity; reinforced frames correspond to this indicator. Such frames will cope with a serious load. The number of profile chambers is also important, since the more there are, the better heat retention will be provided by the window.

Environmental indicators are also important, because compliance with quality certificates guarantees that the health of the tenant will not be in danger. For those buyers who care about external indicators, it is worth taking a closer look at the design.

The role of glass in profiles

A double-glazed pvc extrusion window is selected according to the indicators of the number of glasses and their type. The more glass there is, the better the window will perform its function of protecting against the cold from the sound from the street.

Optimally - a double-glazed window, but there are options with a large number. The type of glass is selected based on personal and climatic needs. The range includes incandescent and energy-saving double-glazed windows.

For fittings, you should focus on the strength of the parts and their durability. It is also necessary to ensure the functionality of the parts, otherwise the window will quickly become unusable, and its replacement will require an investment.

PVC extrusion 2021

Pvc extrusion windows - colored or white?

Colored windows are no longer a gimmick. Customers are bolder in choosing painted or laminated profiles instead of standard white ones. We can select for any interior, and both textures and shades vary. However, colored plastic windows have disadvantages.

Choosing the color of the window

The classic white profiles are unpretentious and easy to clean. For them, manufacturers have developed a lot of cleaning and washing products, and the choice of accessories is wide. The situation with colored windows is more complicated.

Finding accessories for colored plastic windows is also more difficult. Unique pvc extrusion profile shades require matching handles, which are not always available in shops and manufacturers' websites.


This is where white windows win because it's easy to find standard fittings and accessories. If for the landlord there is no fundamental difference in the color scheme of the plastic profiles, then it is worth stopping at the white version. But those who want to create a unique style of the house will have to spend money.

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