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Die Fabrication

Stamping die is special process equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping processing. It is called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold stamping die). Stamping is a pressure processing method that uses the mold installed on the press to press the material at room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation to obtain the required parts. The modernization of die fabrication technology is the basis for the development of the mold industry.

With the development of science and technology, advanced technologies such as computer technology, information technology, and automation technology are constantly infiltrating, intersecting, and integrating into traditional manufacturing technologies, and transforming them to form advanced manufacturing technologies. The new tapping technology in stamping die has led many stamping manufacturers to reduce the cost and caused a rush of buying.

Die Fabrication

The die fabrication is classified according to the degree of process combination. It can be divided into single process mold, composite mold, progressive mold, robotic mold.

  • Single process dies In one stroke of the press, only one stamping process is completed.
  • Compound mold There is only one station. In one stroke of the press, two or more stamping processes are completed at the same station at the same time.
  • progressive die (also known as continuous die) In the feed direction of the blank, there are two or more stations. During one stroke of the press, two or two passes are successively completed at different stations. The die for the above stamping process.
  • The manipulator mold combines the characteristics of the single-process mold and the progressive mold. Using the manipulator transfer system to achieve the rapid in-mold transfer of the product can greatly improve the production efficiency of the product, reduce the production cost of the product, save material costs, and have stable quality reliability.

Essai Production Capacity

Essai can produce 35 sets of molds below 300T, 10 sets of molds from 300T to 600T. And 4 sets of molds from 400-1000T. Among them, 60% are continuous molds, 30% are robot molds, and 10% are single-process molds. The PO will make the project schedule according to the client's node requirements for the first time. Then follow-up with each node of the schedule for project progress control. The project engineer will update the project schedule on a weekly basis and prepare a PPT weekly report to report the project progress to the client. 21 qualifications Deep mold fitters, from mold assembly to mold debugging, professional technology and effective solutions make customers satisfied with mold quality, product quality, and delivery.

Our automotive molds provide high-quality molds to well-known automobile brands all over the world. The molds are mainly exported to North America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Slovakia, Poland, and other countries. At the same time, we also provide stamping services for customers. , Jaguar, Tesla, GM, Nissan, Ford, Honda, etc.

Engineering Software:

  • UG, CATIA 5
  • Auto-form (R7)
  • Auto CAD

Formats CAD:

Engineering Services:

  • Processing your RFQ
  • Simulation
  • Strip layout design
  • Die structure design
  • Modification

14 professional toolmakers working in the Essai tool for die assembly and modification. High precision and professional give customers satisfaction on the die quality/parts quality and timing.

1. Our professional, serious QA utilizes the well-equipped testing system to ensure the dies quality and parts quality.
2. Measuring report will send to the customer after each tryout.
3. Equipped with a professional technical service team, experienced, excellent technology, and timely service in place, become a solid backing for the company to win the market!

Material stock is of many materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass even plastics.

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